Andrea Simpson

  • Bachelor of Music (Melbourne University)
  • Master of Social Work (Melbourne University) to complete 2019
  • Associate in Music Performance Australia (AMEB)
  • AMEB registered teacher

UPDATE: 2019.
I am now only taking adult and teenage students of all levels.

I have a Bachelor of Music from Melbourne University, as well as my A.Mus.A, but more importantly, I have 30 years experience teaching both privately, in my own business and in schools. I was the Director/Owner of The Music Collective for 10 years, and now teach exclusively from my home based studio.

From 2005 to 2010 I was the Conductor and Musical Director of Squawkestra (, which is an orchestra for adult beginners, so I have a soft spot for adult learners. Teaching adults, whether it be as a complete beginner, or a returning player is my particular interest. You are never to old to start, or if you always regretted giving up as a moody 13 year old - yes, you can get back into it now. And go well too!

I have a strong interest in mental health and will be completing my Masters in Social Work (University of Melbourne) at the end of 2019. I have an interest in supporting students who suffer from anxiety, depression and PSTD.

Please feel free to contact me and have a chat about lessons, you will get a much better sense of my style of teaching and I will be able to understand your interests.

All students must own their own instrument - piano or good quality keyboard. You can't learn if you have nothing to practise on!

Thornbury, VIC
0416 077 965
Preston, VIC
0416 077 965
Northcote, VIC
0416 077 965
West Preston, VIC
0416 077 965


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Details last updated on May 3, 2019