Andrew Cheng

  • AIMEB (Piano)
  • dipSCSM (Violin)
  • ADipSCSM (piano)

Private violin lessons, please contact via text message for further information. Thanks

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Curtin University)
• Licentiate Diploma in Violin Performance (SCSM)
• Associate Diploma in Piano Performance (IMEB)
• Associate Diploma in Piano Performance (SCSM)
• Grade 8: Certification for Violin (AMEB)
• Advanced Recital Certificate in Pianoforte (SCSM)

Has performed previously with the Western Australian Youth Orchestra (WAYO) (from 2010-2016), Western Australian Charity Orchestra (WACO), Western Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) for PIAF, Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) in Sydney, University of Western Australia (UWA) Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra of Music Makers (OMM) in Singapore and the Aoyama Philharmonic in Japan.

Bateman, WA
0407 051 677


Details last updated on November 17, 2019