Andy Firth Music (MUSIC ARRANGING)

Styles Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Educational.
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, HSC, Advanced, Post Graduate, Professional
Suitability Ages 15 years and up
Pricing $85.00 per hour

Andy Firth is widely regarded as one of Australia's best arrangers and composers. Andy has the singular distinction to have been tutored by the great Australian Maestro and music legend, Tommy Tycho. Andy's compositions and arrangements cover Baroque music, 17th and 18th century classical music, 19th century Romantic music, Dixieland, Swing, Big Band, Latin, Funk, Modern Jazz, Pop, Rock and Educational.

Andy Firth was an arranger for Song Zu Studios and later, Fox Studios in Sydney from 1997-2003. Andy's arrangements for big band, chamber ensembles and many other formats are published and performed throughout the world. In 2002, Andy was honoured by the Australian Film & Television Association for his composition and arranging for the award winning VISA commercial, "Dining Out!".

Andy Firth has over 600 compositions registered and to date, 100 of these have been published. Some of his works include 3 piano sonatas, a piano concerto, a clarinet sonata, a bassoon concerto, a trumpet concerto, 3 violin concerti, a violin sonata, "Treacherous Tango", "Tycho, Tycho, Tycho" both of which were recorded and premiered by Australian flute virtuoso, Janet Webb. Andy was also commissioned to compose and orchestrate a saxophone orchestra work : "Bach's Pianola" for the Strasbourg Saxophone Ensemble which was premiered to my acclaim at the World Saxophone Congress in 2012. In 2000 Andy arranged, recorded and released the world first album, "Me, Myself & I"- A multi-tracked 16 clarinet big band recording and later followed this up in 2005 with the saxophone version of this project, "Sax To The Max!".

Andy Firth is the Musical Director and one of the core arrangers for the Australian singing sensation, Mitch Capone and conducts Mitch's Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble Tribute Shows.

Andy's ability to make the simplest of melodies blossom into a work of awe have earned him names such as "Wunderkind" (Bob Barnard), "A Genius!" (Tommy Tycho), "A one in a million!" (Vincent Abato).

Andy delights in writing for everything from a duet to a symphonic score and has recorded many albums of his own arrangements for big band and classical ensembles which can be found on iTunes. In short, Andy Firth can write at any level and for any musical format.

Vivace Cottage
20 Mabel Street
Georgetown, NSW
(02) 4967 2327 or 0412 593 906

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