Music Production & Ableton Live

Styles Electronic Music
Pricing $50 p/h


Learn ABLETON LIVE one-on-one with a producer who’s actually working in the business! Releasing on both national and international labels, touring /gigging both here in Australia and internationally.

Accomplished Ableton Live Operator & Instructor.

Learn how to begin a track, arrange, engineer and even master it yourself.

  • Creating a balanced mix using EQ, Filters, Reverb, Compression & Stereo Tools
  • Orchestration and Layering
  • Creating FAT Drum Samples, Basslines, Leads & Pads
  • Micing and Recording, how to capture that perfect take
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Signal Flow and building your studio from scratch, no matter how small.

Learn the ‘Black Art’ of Synthesis - Subtractive, additive, FM & Granular

Learn the language of MIDI - get your instruments, computers & controllers talking to one another in the studio.

Learn how to DJ music with both Ableton Live & CDJs

Taking your tracks and learning how to play them live using Ableton Live.

I can also help you set up your homestudio or troubleshoot any existing problems you might be having.

Abbotsford, VIC
0415 808 980

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Details last updated on March 28, 2017