Angeline Brasier


  • Fully Qualified: Bachelor of Music (with Honours), Master of Music, Master of Arts from the University of Melbourne.

  • Over 20 years experience in the field: teaching, live performance (including work in Paris, France) and on television.

  • Teacher is very approachable and dedicated.


Lessons in person (in the

Online lessons are available via Skype

  • Can Teach all levels and styles: Opera, Musicals, Jazz, Blues, R&B, or just what is on the radio now.

  • Can sight read any piano accompaniment that you bring to class

  • All AMEB exams catered for (both Contemporary and Classical).

  • All VCE solo-performance exams catered for (both Contemporary and Classical).

  • Online support for all of those last minute, pre-exam, or pre-concert panics. We've all been there!

  • Letters of recommendation provided for students who require them for auditions (these are merit-based)

WHAT YOU LEARN - (For Singing Lessons)

  • Correct vocal technique

  • breath support and control

  • Diction and vowel placement

  • How to read music

  • How to sight-sing (that is singing a song you have never heard before, just by reading the music).

  • Improvisation (for all styles of singing)

  • Languages (if required): Italian, French, German, Latin and Russian (these are in both Modern and Classical songs).

  • Learn how to navigate your way around auditions, finding an agent, recording and performing contracts, and managing your voice during a hectic performance schedule.

WHAT YOU LEARN - (For Piano Lessons)

  • Correct finger technique and hand positioning

  • How to read music

  • How to sight-read (that is to be able to play a song that you don't know, just by reading the music)

  • How to accompany a singer or an instrument on the piano, so you can perform in a group or band

  • Improvisation (for all style of music)

WHAT YOU LEARN - (For Music Theory Lessons)

  • All basic skills with music reading:
  • Keys,
  • Transposition,
  • Melody writing,
  • Intervals
  • and written harmonization.
  • AMEB exams (all levels) catered for.


  • Wheelchair access (if required)

  • Heating during winter, and air-con during summer

  • Parents welcome to sit in on lessons, even if they have other children.


  • Anyone! Very young, or very mature, beginners or professional. If you love singing, then you are welcome!

  • Can cater for students with intellectual impairments.

  • Experience with teaching students on Autism spectrum

  • Can cater for students with speech impairments

Gift Certificates available.


  • Landline: (03) 9735 4303
  • Mobile: 0411 095 312
  • Email:
Lilydale, VIC
Mount Evelyn, VIC
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Mooroolbark, VIC
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