Angelo Fraietta

  • A.Mus. A
  • B.A (Hons)
  • Ph.D.

Dr Angelo Fraietta teaches classical, jazz and blues guitar.

Angelo has an A. Mus. A. in classical guitar, studied at the University of Western Sydney in 1995, which included studying finger-style jazz from guitar virtuoso Bruce Mathiske. He graduated with First Class Honours in 1998 and was awarded the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Award in Theoretical Studies for Superior Achievement in Contemporary Arts. Angelo completed a Doctor of Philosophy in creative arts in 2006, specialising in electronic music.

Don Andrews passed on a considerable amount of insight into the finer side of guitar playing to Angelo and even said that Angelo was “one of the best students he had ever had.” When Don passed away in 2012, Angelo was asked to play at Don’s dedication concert in a line up with Guy Strazz and George Golla.

In the spirit of the late Don Andrews, Angelo does not want to make you a clone of himself—he wants you to be all you can be as an artist.

Angelo is selective in his students; however, his criterion is attitude and not ability. He accepts students of all stages and ages (he recently had one student who was first starting to play guitar at 65); however, they will be required to practice.

Newcastle, NSW
Travelling in the local area


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