Angie Caldwell

  • IVA Accredited Teacher

Principal Teacher & Director

Angela Caldwell has over 30 years experience in the music industry. She was singing from a young age locally and also professionally with bands and musical theatre.

During her time living in Melbourne Angela was a director of a singing competition called Planet Heaven which became one of the most successful ways of finding new talent in Melbuorne at that time. During the 4 years she co-directed this event they saw 500 new artists come through, many signed to record deals both in Australia and abroad. Many famous performers, managers and industry professionals including Sony and EMI worked on this project with her. Anthony Calea and other idol top 20’s were part of the upcoming Australian artists to come through this event during Angelas management. She also worked with Sister2Sister, Kaylan, Christine Anu, and manager Ralph Carr to mention a few.

Angela's talents extends to preparing young talent for major competitions with her preivous expreience and success in the Planet Heaven – Talent Quest. Angela was an excellent contributor to finding, encouraging and signing up and coming talent. From beginner to advanced singers, We can offer our students a comprehensive education program to suit your needs and career goals.

Angela also managed 3 bands in Melbourne and was their lead singer and co-ordinator/trainer of the vocal team and musical director for over 10 years. They recorded 3 albums of original material and did promotional work and local gigs as they built a good reputation in the Melbourne music scene.

Since moving to Sydney she has worked in Universities, schools and the private arena sharing her skills and imparting an understanding of the voice so that everyone realises their potential. Angela states there are 5 keys to unlocking ANY voice, you just need to know the secrets!! 95% of the time the frustrations people have with their voice is just a question of knowing how it works. It is harder to sing wrong than it is to sing right and unlock your voice the way you dream.. Once you learn to sing the right way you can break limitation off your voice and start to enjoy the freedom of singing what you love with confidence. Whether for personal enjoyment or for professional goals we are committed to seeing you achieve your goals with your voice and more.

Angela is a passionate performer, singer, song-writer and voice trainer whose experience will help you find your strength, your voice and your passion. Her goal is to train and encourage up and coming talent from young to old in finding their voice, their confidence and develop their unique style and this is why her creative arts school is flourishing. We ensure that all of the schools teachers carry this philosophy and passion within them.

Details last updated on March 12, 2019