Tuned In Music Therapy

Tuned In Music Therapy offers individual and group music therapy sessions for children with additional needs such as autism, developmental delay and physical disability, adults with disabilities and aged care. Music therapy is an allied health profession where music is used holistically to address health, functioning and well-being. A Registered Music Therapist (RMT) uses music as the medium to connect, 'tune in' and support the achievement of specific goals to strengthen abilities and so enhance an individual's everyday life regardless of their musical ability. Music Therapy can help improve physical health and ability, develop communication and social skills, address emotional and behavioural difficulties and increase creativity, self-esteem and confidence.

The music therapy sessions at Tuned In use a blend of known and improvisational (created in the moment) music and the interventions clients are most likely to experience include instrumental play, vocalisations, music and movement, interactive technology and songwriting. Assessments are recommended before embarking on a music therapy program and our programs are regularly evaluated and progress reports provided.

Unit 11
9-13 Winbourne Road
Brookvale, NSW
Contact Anita Connell
0416 102 393

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Details last updated on January 19, 2017