Anna Le

  • Masters of Music

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Having had studied piano playing in Vietnam for 9 years and another 7 years in Sydney, Australia; I have collected for myself numerous methods and skills that can be very useful for my students.

More than that, I understand the process of learning the piano must be interesting in order for you to continue pursuing the wonderful instrument. Therefore each class will be interactive and full of small rewarding goals in order for you to keep going.

I focus on getting the most out of the instrument with the mind, heart and body we are given. Students will learn how to play the piano without force and train their ears for good sounds.

I have had trainings and experiences to work with both children and adults.

Lastly, I understand that we are all different individuals and for that reason, the lessons will be tailored for you and your benefits only.

Thank you for reading and looking forwards to seeing you soon!

ANNA: 0406 822 314

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