Piano Lessons

Styles Classical,Contemporary, Jazz, Rock/Pop, Musicals & Show Tunes
Skill Level Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced - Developing Professional

Professional Music Lessons for Children & Adults.

Lessons Hours: Mornings 7am-9am
Day 9am-3pm
Afternoon/Evening 3pm- 10pm

Piano is a great starting instrument. Unlike many wind and string instruments students of any age can make a sound immediately.

Students of all ages and levels learn with us for all different types of reasons. Some learn for fun, some to complete an exam (trinity, AMEB or HSC), auditions (tertiary, professional) often it's parents who want to be more involved with what their children are studying. Sometimes an adult who gave it away many years ago or has always just wanted to give it a try. There's even the odd amateur musician who is dreaming of cracking into the profession.

What ever the aim, goal or dream is we're happy to try and help you reach it and make the lessons and practice as enjoyable as possible.

One half an hour lesson per week will be adequate for a learner.

Students playing for longer than three years (especially if over the age of 12) may need a one hour lesson each week.

Students often have a very specific idea of what they want to work towards, so often the lesson structure is designed around the students goals.

All students are taught how to practice in the lesson and have their homework written down for them so that nothing is forgotten during the week.

Contact us for further information.

Below are some of the areas of study students can expect to touch on in lessons.


  • Sitting Posture at the instrument

  • Correct placement & Movement of fingers/wrists

  • Learning notes in treble and bass clef

  • Reading Standard rhythmic notation - quarters/eighths/sixteenths

  • Technical exercises

  • 3 Rules to Help play Major/Minor Scales

  • Theory

  • Simple Repertoire

  • Chords I, IV & V

  • Simple Sight Reading

  • Articulation - Staccato & Legato (smooth/sharp)

  • Simple Aural


  • All Maj/Min Scales and Arpeggio's
  • Sight Reading in different keys
  • Introduction to Harmony
  • Chords ii, vi
  • Simple Key Changes
  • Basic improvisation
  • Blues/Pentatonic Scales
  • Technical - Hanon, Czerny Studies
  • Chord Inversions & Figured Bass
  • Repertoire (at two levels)
  • Articulation - Use of sustain pedal/phrasing
  • Aural - Intervals, Maj/Min, Chords I and V
  • Rhythm - Compound and Odd Times


  • Chords iii, viii (modulation and pivots)
  • Introduction to Modes
  • Adding Harmony to Melody
  • Simple Piano arranging and accompaniment
  • Development of Power and Endurance
  • Technique - Studies in Octaves, thirds & Trills
  • Rhythm - Time Sig Changes, 2:3,3:4, Groups 5,7 and 9
  • Introduction of Advanced 20 Century Repertoire
  • Music History
  • Articulation - Sound Production, Staying Even, Rubato
  • Time Management Skills
  • Design and Variation of Practice Schedule

Developing Professional

  • Advanced Transposition
  • Harmonic Anaylisis
  • Remote Modulation
  • Improvisation in Modes & Key Changes
  • Goal Setting for Practice & Composition
  • Technical Anaylisis
  • Practice Schedule Anylisis
  • Professional Preparation for Performance
  • Professional Repertoire List
  • Choosing Repertoire for Demo's and Recordings
  • How to: book gigs, deal with agents and unions.
  • Professional Goal Setting and Realisation
  • Assessment of strengths and weakness in playing
  • Building Press Kit, Bio, Web Sites, CV
  • Arranging for large and small ensemble
  • Introduction to Recording and working in the studio
  • Interpretation - In all styles, mixing and matching as an artist
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