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Bagpipe Lessons with Lincoln Hilton

General Details

Director of Pipes at Haileybury College, Two Time Australasian Young Piper of the Year, Grade 1 Bagad World Champion, MacCrimmon Champion, International Bagpipe composer, and more

Not only is Lincoln an award winning player and Director of Pipes at Haileybury College, but he is an internationally recognized composer whose tunes have been played by top players and bands at the Lincoln Centre in New York, on BBC and more.

Lincoln has spent the last decade as the Director of Pipes at Haileybury College. His professional achievements include consecutive winner of the Professional Victorian Quaich, Grade 1 Bagad World Champion with Bagad Cap Caval, MacCrimmon Champion in the Scottish category at Festival Lorient de Interceltique and two time Australasian Young Piper of the Year and more.


Recently Lincoln was featured on BBC ALBA as a bagpipe composer and player and performed his compositions, you can view a preview here:

Lincoln is also the Principle Composer for Modern Piping bagpipe books where he has partnered with 6 of the World’s top composers. His website is here:

For information on lessons and more about Lincoln please visit his Bagpipe Masterclass website below:

To hear more of Lincoln’s playing, you can visit his Youtube channel here:

Or to see Lincoln’s work in the piping community, please visit his Modern Piping Facebook page here:

“My goal is to inspire players of all ages to not only improve their playing and sound but to push them past the known boundaries of pipes. Playing with backing tracks, composing, experimenting with unknown note combinations or scales is all part of the learning process.”

Prices start at:
$55 for 45 minute lessons
Group lessons of 2 or more starting at $47.50 per person for a 45 minute lesson


These details were last updated on April 29, 2018