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Bainbridge Music Perth

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Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle - Tom Hess Music Corporation

Stuck and frustrated with your progress on guitar?

Bainbridge Music Perth (BMP) offers WA’s leading guitar lessons in the Kelmscott Armadale area and will get you out of the mud and back on to the path to becoming the guitarist you want to be.

All guitar lessons are designed to help you overcome specific challenges to your unique goals, challenges and styles of playing so you don’t get placed on the one size fits all conveyor belt methods that other average guitar teachers and music schools provide.

This is done by evaluating your current goals and abilities, planning a strategy for your needs and then utilizing the unique progress monitoring systems that you will only find at Bainbridge Music Perth.

I have been playing for 12 years and train as a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, a peer reviewed alliance of the world’s leading guitar teachers dedicated to providing the most fun and effective guitar teaching strategies.

You will find a range of non traditional formats that no other institution provides that are proven to get rid of your frustrations and start seeing progress.

To get immediate feedback on how you can refine your playing and practice to become a better guitarist, Contact me, Daniel Bainbridge, to schedule a free introductory lesson suited to your needs.

These details were last updated on September 20, 2017