Guitar Lessons

Styles Rock, jazz, blues, metal, folk, new school, old school.
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 6 years and up
Pricing $30 per half hour lesson.

Have you got a guitar dream?

Maybe to play songs for yourself. Maybe to play songs at parties. Maybe to play in a band. Maybe to study guitar at a higher level.

We can fill each and every one of your dreams.

Bandwagon Music Studios is a well-organized teaching school where the emphasis is on you learning how to actually play the guitar, getting to understand the guitar and to play songs you love.

We combine a perfect mix of fun and training so that you have a LOAD of fun while also developing as a guitarist.

We will teach you to understand common techniques through exercises, drills and example songs. Then you can apply these skills to songs of your own choice. In fact there is a BIG emphasis on you playing songs you choose.

We cater for complete beginners through to more experienced guitarists. We have the skills to help all levels of guitarists get better and have more fun.

Our lessons work for all ages - kids, teenagers, young adults and not so young adults.

The two main aims of Bandwagon Music Studios are -

  1. for you to play songs that you choose yourself.
  2. and for you to understand what you are playing.

To achieve these goals for you we have worked VERY hard on developing a well-rounded “holistic” system of guitar teaching. The first two parts of our teaching system are closely intertwined – our teachers and our highly refined teaching method.

Our teachers are experienced, friendly and skilful at getting to understand students and their personalities and guitar needs. From this greater understanding comes a much better teacher student relationship which leads to accelerated learning.

Our teaching method is based on these fundamental principles –

Learning in the sequence of most used to least used and not from easiest to hardest.
Moving students steadily from ‘the known’ to ‘the unknown’.
The ideas of “Learning It” and “Playing It”. During the learning it stage there is an emphasis on “Play. Stop. Check. Think.” to really make sure the student has learnt the idea. Then the real fun comes with the playing it stage.

Our teaching method is based on a series of 12 books which are full of essential information, diagrams and exercises written in an easy to understand manner. Each book focuses on a particular guitar topic e.g. open chords, modes. One BIG advantage of the books is that all the necessary info/material is prepared. There is no wasted time in lessons with the teacher writing this kind of thing out – the 30 minute lesson is a true 30 minute lesson. Another advantage is that the student can read over the book at home to double check what they are working on.

Another step we took was to work hard on developing many supporting materials. These are on our web site and also available for iPads. There are many play alongs to make practice fun. One great feature is you can change speed – slow down or speed up to match your skill level. By using these your practice time is better utilized and much more fun. You will learn much faster with less effort!

We also have unique jam and band systems that give students the chance to have fun making music with other musicians. As well students develop some very musical important skills – playing songs all the way through, playing with others and playing to others.
We have a large, well developed library of songs from all eras and styles which we are constantly updating. The songs are in an easy to follow chord and lyric chart style unlike the almost useless charts off the web.

We believe that through our teaching method people can be taught how to play the guitar and to play it well.

Bandwagon offers an amazing support network that really nurtures and encourages students to be their best and meet their guitar goals.

Visit our website to watch videos and see pictures of students playing at our concerts. Also see demos of our teaching materials, song charts and web based/IPad play alongs.

We want you to "HAVE FUN and BE BETTER".

29 Takalvan Street
Bundaberg West 4670 (qld), QLD
Contact Cameron Macdonnell

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Details last updated: January 27, 2021