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Private lessons in Contemporary Professional Singing Technique to singers of all levels and ages. Free First Lesson. Go to website bayothevocalcoachcom
Rock, RnB, Pop, EDM, Jazz, Metal, Gospel, Folk.

For many years I have provided one on one tuition to the best singers in Britain, including XFactor finalists, and I can help you too. Power Rock, Indie, RnB, EDM, Jazz, Musical Theatre or Pop. Whether you are a signed artist preparing for the studio and a world tour, or a complete beginner who wants to sing well in front of your friends, I can help. Your success is my success.
The majority of my students come to me by recommendation through my reputation in the music industry and television. (See T.V. clips at website) They come to me expecting rapid improvement in their singing and performance technique. And that’s exactly what they get. With hard work and courage from you and committed support from me, great things can be achieved. The more you achieve, the more I want you to achieve.

You will learn:
Diaphragmatic Breathing, Support, Articulation, Modern Placement, Range Extension, Pitch Correction, Focused Unfocused Tone Switching, Power Belting, Register Blending, Vibrato, Microphone Technique, Stage Technique, Rock Melisma, Advanced R&B Melisma, Studio Method, Music Industry Guidance, Successful Audition Techniques and more.

Free Introductory Lesson.
Because finding the right singing teacher can be difficult, I am happy to give serious students some of my time while also giving me the opportunity to assess your voice.

London Lakes, TAS
Travelling in the local area
0428 137 266


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