Bec L'Oste-Brown

  • BA double music major

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination..." Plato

Hi, my name is Bec L’Oste-Brown. I hold a current Blue Card. I studied Music at the University of New England, Armidale, and have over 10 years experience teaching the flute in the Rockhampton area.

For children, music lessons can increase their confidence and furnish them with a life interest, as well as giving them an appreciation of one of education's most rich and rewarding disciplines Students develop patience and perseverance while mastering an instrument.

Flute requires the player to stand in a particular way and hold the instrument up for long lengths of time as well as a good deal of breath control. It is best learnt from around 9 years of age.
I teach beginners right up 6th grade AMEB. Lessons are structured to make the most of the innate musical talent of all students, in a fun, relaxed environment, regardless of their playing experience. If you are keen to do formal music exams with the Australian Music Examination Board, I am qualified to take you through this curriculum. Taking exams is the best way to get a good technical grounding of the instrument and give you structure and goals to aim for. However, if this method does not suit you, then we can explore other ways too. I will customise lessons based on your interests.

What students will learn:
The correct posture (the way a player stands and holds their instrument)
How to play your instrument
How to read music and any other music theory required for playing flute
Breathing in the correct way to control your sound and produce a beautiful tone
Aural/listening skills

Learning an instrument also teaches you to have commitment, focus, discipline and pursue excellence which is transferable to many other areas of life. It can help with self esteem through the achievement of small goals at each step of the journey.

Most of all though … playing and learning an instrument is fun!

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