Bec Tilley

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Diploma of Music Performance
  • Estill Voice Training Figure Proficiency

Bec Tilley: Vocal Coach in Hobart & Online

“In the past I have travelled many times to USA to have very expensive lessons with some of the biggest celebrity vocal coaches. Even though I tried many famous vocal coaches and their methods for many years, the results would vary and would not last long.[…] The improvement in 1-2 months with Bec was more than most of my years combined under other leading voice coaches.”
– Nick

My role is to help you to become better friends with your voice (and perhaps by association, better friends with yourself).

You’re here because you want a tailored approach made for your specific needs, goals, desires, and interest. If you’d like to learn vocal technique based in science, how the different parts of your vocal instrument work, and how to control them independently to get the specific sound you’re looking for, in an easeful, safe & healthy way… you’re in the right place.

As we work on technique, applying it to the songs you love singing, you may then want to work on your artistry – the options that are available to you, using different techniques, to make unique aesthetic choices and craft the song into your own personal interpretation.

Performance technique & stagecraft is another skill you may be interested in learning. We can talk about how to be on stage, how to connect to an audience, mic technique, preparing for recording sessions, and more.

And weaving through it all, your mindset and inner world informs your experience of singing. The way we think and feel is the way we move and sing. Your beliefs affect your body and your voice, no doubt about it – and working on each of them supports the other. If you’re interested, we can delve into this side of things – your mindset, beliefs, and what to expect during the creative process, so that you feel empowered and well-equipped to deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

“Ten lessons down and I progressed far more rapidly and learnt more about how to sing well, than I have in all my life. Bec’s thorough understanding of your voice’s anatomy, and the mechanisms that drive it, really help to build a solid foundation for improvement.

I have been seeing Bec for lessons for over a year now and I have learnt so much about my own voice that I never knew before, and I’ve surprised myself with what I can actually do with my voice.”
Mikyla Parsons

And it has to be FUN, or else why bother?!

love working with people of all ages, all levels of experience, and in all styles of music. That being said, below are the three types of folks who I end up working with most often.

If you think your situation is unique, feel free to get in touch for a chat to see if I can help with your specific needs and desires. I welcome anyone from any background and with any story.

Adult Beginners
Maybe you used to sing when you were younger. Maybe someone told you you couldn’t sing, so you stopped using your voice for many years. Maybe you’ve never sung in front of anyone before in your life, but something in your heart tells you that singing will bring you joy. Maybe you just want to be able to do karaoke with your friends, or jam around the fire with your housemates. I love helping adults rediscover their voice and a love of music. Do you think you might be tone deaf? It’s statistically unlikely. Would you expect someone who’s never had a violin lesson to be able to play in tune? Singing is a physical skill like any other, and all you need is the right guidance to learn how to control & strengthen your vocal muscles, and time spent singing & listening to music to help attune your aural brain.

Professional Performers
I’m passionate about our local music community. I love working with my colleagues in this exciting and challenging industry to help them keep their voice healthy and safe while performing and recording. Often, musically talented folks get by with the vocal sounds we’re naturally good at, but if you’d love to broaden the palette of colours you have to paint with, and there’s some tonal qualities you’ve just never been confident with, let’s have a chat and let’s see if I can help you access those sounds with more ease.

Additionally, if you’ve been experiencing vocal fatigue or health issues while gigging or recording, or you’re tired of feeling puffed out on stage and singing just feels like hard work, I can help you with these issues too.

These things also apply to speech – actors, teachers, and anyone else who used their voice a lot in their work are also most welcome to get in touch.

Talented T(w)eens
If your child is around the age of 11 and up, and they love music, I love that you want to encourage their passion. Whether or not music becomes a career choice, it’s a valuable skill and a wonderful outlet for the creative brain and emotional self expression. If they are already singing along and have some favourite artists, I’ll be excited to help them nurture their voice, keep it safe and healthy, discover new music, and grow their confidence both onstage and off.

If this sounds good to you, get in touch by phone or email to get started!


"I always look forward to lessons with Bec. She's fantastic to work with. She has a really fun, positive and genuine way of relating to me as a student, and the lessons are individually designed. She keeps
great records and regularly informs me of my progress. I highly recommend her!"

  • Tabitha Fletcher

"Bec Tilley has always listened, not just to what my voice is doing when I sing, but also listened to my thoughts on what I want to do with my voice. Bec has always been able to give me practical advice, that I understand, without hesitation, then show that it works. Bec has been ready to work on as many aspects of singing as I've been able to think of: the anatomical, the emotional, rhythm, clarity, strength, performance, practice and every time I've come up with something else, Bec has been ready to share ideas and show me ways to improve from the level I'm at. Most importantly, Bec has really encouraged me with her positive manner, by her thoughtful perception and, amazingly, by using my own voice to demonstrate its own possibilities."

  • Paul McNally

"Thank you Bec for your down-to-earth, friendly and fun teaching style. Your lessons were personalised to be exactly what I needed, a great balance of theory, practice and song.
You got this shy girl to open up and start to knock down her fears and really enjoy singing again.
I look forward to working with you again when I’m back in Tassie."

  • Mel Venn

"After having lessons with Bec my ability to control my voice is a lot stronger and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I'm looking forward to having a go at an open mic, which I would never have done otherwise. To top it all I usually leave with sore cheeks from laughing - thanks for the fun and professional lessons Bec."

  • Sophie Buttery
Hobart, TAS
Online, VIC
Also travelling in the local area


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