Bec Tilley

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Diploma of Music Performance
  • Estill Voice Training Figure Proficiency

Bec Tilley: Vocal Coach in Hobart & Online

Are you looking for fun and relaxed voice coaching that leads to real results & understanding?

Have you experienced vocal teaching that focuses exclusively on “breathing to your diaphragm”? Is simply “supporting the breath” actually helping you hit those high notes and achieve a stronger sound? Or do you have a feeling there might be more to it than that? Do you know what your false vocal folds are, and how they hinder your singing – and can even cause vocal damage? Do you know what is actually going on in your larynx when you change from “chest voice” to “head voice”?

My name is Bec Tilley, and I’m a singing teacher & voice coach based in Melbourne. Gaining a true understanding of the way the voice works has changed my life and my voice, and I’ve seen and heard the same remarkable effect from my students – whether they are complete beginners to singing, or advanced level professional vocalists.

In one lesson, I can teach you how to control one of many simple physical mechanisms in your voice which can potentially open up a whole new world of possibility of freedom, health, versatility, and power. My goal is to make every lesson valuable, enjoyable, and not waste your time and money with exercises-for-the-sake of-exercises.

And it has to be FUN, or else why bother?!

Singing doesn’t have to be a frustrating pursuit, a trial-and-error practice that leaves you feeling like you’re stuck forever with the apparent limitations of your voice. Voice teachers often use esoteric instructions and imagery which might mean different things to different people, and often leave vocalists confused as to what exactly they’re supposed to be doing.

If you want to get real results from your practice, you need coaching from a down-to-earth teacher with a true understanding of vocal physiology. Imagine understanding exactly what you need to practice in order to achieve the particular sound you’re chasing, or move past the one limitation that has frustrated you for years!

This approach is equally valuable to those with many years of singing experience as it is to complete beginners to singing. It is also applicable to strengthening and improving the speaking voice in any context.

If this sounds good to you, get in touch by phone or email to get started!


"I always look forward to lessons with Bec. She's fantastic to work with. She has a really fun, positive and genuine way of relating to me as a student, and the lessons are individually designed. She keeps
great records and regularly informs me of my progress. I highly recommend her!"

  • Tabitha Fletcher

"Bec Tilley has always listened, not just to what my voice is doing when I sing, but also listened to my thoughts on what I want to do with my voice. Bec has always been able to give me practical advice, that I understand, without hesitation, then show that it works. Bec has been ready to work on as many aspects of singing as I've been able to think of: the anatomical, the emotional, rhythm, clarity, strength, performance, practice and every time I've come up with something else, Bec has been ready to share ideas and show me ways to improve from the level I'm at. Most importantly, Bec has really encouraged me with her positive manner, by her thoughtful perception and, amazingly, by using my own voice to demonstrate its own possibilities."

  • Paul McNally

"Thank you Bec for your down-to-earth, friendly and fun teaching style. Your lessons were personalised to be exactly what I needed, a great balance of theory, practice and song.
You got this shy girl to open up and start to knock down her fears and really enjoy singing again.
I look forward to working with you again when I’m back in Tassie."

  • Mel Venn

"After having lessons with Bec my ability to control my voice is a lot stronger and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I'm looking forward to having a go at an open mic, which I would never have done otherwise. To top it all I usually leave with sore cheeks from laughing - thanks for the fun and professional lessons Bec."

  • Sophie Buttery
Hobart, TAS
0408 504 599
Online Sessions Via Zoom
Online, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0408 504 599


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