Ben Barnes Drumming

"Chjsd fiwbgi! Yugasuy fauewfka!!"

Got something creative to say but can't put it into words? Music may be the language you need.

Music holds different meanings for different people. For some, it is a stress release. For others, a creative outlet. And for others still, it is a signal that their award acceptance speech has gone on too long.

Whatever that meaning is for you, you can explore that meaning through drumming, and I would love to help you do that. So whether you want to hit drums hard, unleash your inner creative spirit or let Kanye West know that it's time to go, be sure to contact me through the above 'Email' link and we'll sort something out.

Learn drums - because music isn't limited to an alphabet.

1 Hasluck Drive
Newcastle, NSW


Details last updated on September 19, 2019