Ben Sielaff

  • AMEB CPM 4
  • AMEB Theory Grade 5
  • AMEB Piano Grade 4
  • Berklee Jazz Improvisation Cert.
  • other tertiary quals on request

Do you want to learn how to master the guitar?
Maybe you're just starting and interested in playing a few riffs?
Or maybe you used to play and are just getting back into it?

Now is the time to take that passion you have for music and really make something of it! I specialise in rock, pop and jazz guitar teaching - and I am there to maximise your results on the guitar!

I will help you:
 Learn YOUR Favourite Songs
 Achieve YOUR musical goals
 Have FUN learning the Guitar!

Call Ben now to discuss your needs!
0421 635 168

1 Villari Close
Belmont, QLD
Also travelling in the local area
0421 635 168


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