Bettina Spivakovsky

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Diploma of Education
  • Post-grad in Film & TV

Bettina was born into the Spivakovsky family of musical prodigies and began learning music at age three. She has a broad array of experience as a performing and recording singing artist, pianist, composer, arranger, actor, comedy writer and director, both locally and abroad. She is also a music teacher and choir leader, with a focus on teaching music to people living with disabilities. She established Upfront Events, one of Australia's leading entertainment agencies and event companies, which has been in operation for the past 30 years. She is currently the Musical Director for The People's Choir, a community choir that uses music to unite diverse people from all walks of life.

Provides lessons in improvisation, composition, technique, and AMEB exam preparation to people of all ages and abilities. Includes lessons for special needs and mature age students.

Details last updated: February 3, 2023