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Bianca Aviaz

General Details

Bachelor Of Music (Jazz Improvisation) Percussion @ The Victorian College Of The Arts Melbourne.

Born in Melbourne with Hungarian and Israeli heritage, Bianca brings a truly multicultural perspective to her love of music. First discovering the music of Melbourne’s African community, then Latin community, Aussie Rock, Blues, Jazz, Afro Cuban, Afro Peruvian and Middle Eastern, Bianca embraces and draws all these influences to teach from. During her time at Victorian College of the Arts’ (Bachelor of jazz improv) she learned skills in Piano and music theory, which inevitable expanded her musical vocabulary and this coupled with the guidance of the talented ‘Harry Mullany’ (pianist, arranger, singer) she learnt many different compositional and arranging techniques and life lessons.

All this culminating in exceptional compositions on her original master piece album Arco-Iris (2015).

In 2009 – Bianca completed an undergraduate course at the VCA taught by one of Australia’s best multi percussionist players Alex Pertout. Bianca also learned skills in Piano and music theory. Now Bianca (25) freelances in studio session work and is a seasoned performer, singer and conga player.

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