Bianca Hopkins

Welcome to Bianca Fenn School of Music (BFSM).

BFSM is all about ‘applied’ music, not just knowing the theory behind the music but being able to apply the relevant theory to create an appealing sound.

BFSM is a contemporary music school focussing on contemporary music styles including pop, rock, gospel, r ‘n’ b, soul, funk, disco, country, music theatre and folk.

Lessons are offered in singing, drums, guitar, bass, violin, piano accordion and piano/keys. BFSM offer lessons for students starting from 4 years old.

Not only does BFSM offer instrumental lessons, they also have different groups which are a great way to make friends while improving musically such as the BFSM Bubs & Glee Club for the kids, Choir & Ukulele for the adults.

BFSM offers tuition in music theory for anyone interested, including VCE students who are looking for extra support or assistance with developing their performance programs and AMEB CPM guidance is offered for those who are looking at sitting exams.

Recording and performance opportunities are open to all students as another way of applying skills learnt and to develop experience in a supportive environment. With impressive on-site facilities, students are able to practise where they perform which gives students the confidence they need when in front of the audience.

The staff at BFSM are passionate about music and teaching. They believe in ‘relationship based’ teaching, where teachers not only share their knowledge and pass on their skills learnt through experience and training, but also by supporting students in their desire to advance musically – whether it is to become a professional musician or to tick it off their bucket list.

Some lessons are available on Skype - if you are unable to make it to Greensborough for your lessons. Contact BFSM for more information.

Lessons can be done individually, in pairs or small groups for most instruments, for both children and adults. All types of lessons cover similar material.

You can expect to learn:

  • More about your instrument and how to look after it
  • Technique; whether it be to help you extend your range, increase strength, stamina or speed
  • Aural training to improve your ‘musical ear’
  • Warm-ups and exercises to keep you healthy and active
  • Music Theory
  • Performance – stage craft skills and and studio tips
  • Establishing a healthy practice routine
  • Repertoire development where songs are perfected using the technique taught
  • Confidence, performance anxiety and getting past the nerves
  • Developing tone and timbre
  • Harmony
Unit 1
27 Simms Road
Greensborough, VIC
Contact Bianca Hopkins
(03) 9424 1192 or 0403 560 254


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