Kinder Beat

Group Size Groups of up to 8 participants
Styles All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 2 to 5 years
Pricing $35 per 45 minute class

Kinder Beat provides children with a number of musical and non musical benefits.

Musical basics are covered, introducing children to fundamental experiences of rhythm, beat, pulse and metre. Concepts of high, low, loud, soft, fast and slow. As well as introducing reading experiences, beginning with iconic symbols before progressing onto traditional notation.

Kinder Beat also provides a range of non musical outcomes for children. Motor skills, both gross and fine are developed. Pro-social skills are increased by working together in a group, sharing, co-operating, turn taking, following directions and connecting with others. Intellectual stimulation through listening, problem solving and generating creative responses.

85 Alexander St
Crows Nest, NSW
(02) 8622 6555

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Details last updated on June 8, 2018