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"Any child has the possibility to become musically inclined. Musical ability is not inborn but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. Talent will sprout according to how the children are raised." - Dr Shinichi Suzuki.

Early musical training has been shown to help develop different brain areas, teach children to think creatively and has been linked to spatial intelligence as well as teaching children self-discipline and raising their self esteem.

Bless Music Studio offers value for money QUALITY music lessons under STABLE teaching environment. With Bless Music Studio you are assured of a teacher who has spent much money and time to become properly qualified and has extensive local as well as international teaching experience, NOT a part-time conservatory music student, a street busker or a performer artist.

We attempt to make each music lesson a joyful experience even as the student learns to master the correct techniques and avoid common piano mistakes like incorrect hand position, sloppy fingering technique, too much sustain pedal, hammering and banging keys or too heavy touch, hand not in time when together, playing with no expression, not noticing key signature, ineffective practising etc etc. (Remember incorrect techniques once accustomed to takes a long time to unlearn and is difficult to correct ............just like bad habits).

Each lesson is engaging and incorporates singing, untuned percussion instrument playing, melodic instrument playing, simple composition activity, age appropriate music theory, rhythm development, music appreciation, ensemble development, aural training and educational music games. The ultimate aim at Bless Music Studio is more than just trying to fill a vessel; it is to try to kindle a fire and bring out the innate musicality in you.

Besides inculcating in children a love for good music and impacting a wholesome music education, Bless Music also prepare interested students for professional examinations like AMEB, ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall.

Bless Music Studio understands the reluctance of some parents to start their children on the piano journey given the relatively high cost of a proper acoustic piano. To overcome this dilemma, Bless Music Studio has put in place a low cost program where your child can try out for 10 weeks with NO RISK of you ending up with an instrument that you will have to dispose off later.

To find out more please check out our website at which also answers many burning questions like the benefits of music, why piano, effective practice tips, the best age to start, common piano mistakes, teacher selection, learning pathways, instrument selection, piano care etc etc. You will not be disappointed. The website can be accessed via smartphone as well.

Interested students please contact us at the mobile numbers at our website.

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