Cello Lessons

Styles Suzuki Method
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 3 years and up

Well grounded and solid technique is an essential foundation for enjoyable and rewarding musical experiences. For this reason I am totally committed to dealing systematically and creatively with the technical issues of ‘cello playing.

As a Suzuki Method teacher I believe that talent is not inborn, but an ability which can be developed; every child has an unlimited potential to be educated. Dr Suzuki called his teaching method the Mother-Tongue Approach, inspired by the fact that children so effectively learn to speak their native tongue. Prompted and encouraged by a mother's love and the family environment, a child responds and develops this most difficult of skills, that of intelligible speech. When a child learns to speak, the following factors are at work: Listening, Memory, Motivation, Vocabulary, Repetition, Parental Involvement, Step by Step Mastery and Love. In the Suzuki approach each of these principles is used in the learning of an instrument. Ideally music education should start from birth and formal cello lessons can often start from 3 years of age.

In addition to developing students musical language and technical proficiency, I ensure that my students understanding of music theory, history and aural skills are expanded alongside their instrumental development, as all these elements are inseparably linked in becoming a musician. But most importantly I strive to develop a lifelong love of music in my students.

It is my hope that through their 'cello journey students will obtain life skills that promote a sense of humanity, and an appreciation of beauty in all things.

Suzuki Music Institute
1/1 Central Avenue
Thornleigh, NSW
0409 514 881

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Details last updated on November 20, 2016