Brenton White

Brenton is a guitarist of many years’ experience. Attending workshops and seminars at the Conservatorium of Music in the late 1970s, he played music professionally in clubs, backing artists and at band gigs.

In the early to mid-1980s Brenton toured with many artists and bands, including; Roberta Flack, Renee Geyer, Leon Berger Band, Doug Parkinson, Hot City Big Band with Marcia Hines, Julie Anthony, The Seekers, The Sydney Symphony Orchestra with James Galway and many others, while at the same time working as a session musician for jingle and record producers in Sydney.

Between 2005 and 2014 he was one of Australia’s most performed screen composers.

Brenton has experience teaching beginners through to professional level electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

To hear examples of him playing some of his own compositions go to under ‘Audio Samples’ or ‘Library Music’:

Rock style, listen to: Angus, Cinebuzz Titles, Big Hair, FHM- Girl next Door or Feral TV.
Jazz Style, listen to: Laid Back or Summer Cool.
Electric Blues style, listen to: Strat Blues Shuffle.
6 string acoustic style, listen to: Finger Lickin’ or Whistle Away your Work.
Nylon String style, listen to: Nylon String Nocturne, Wind and Water or Every day in Every way (includes 12 string acoustic).
Various styles, listen to Summer Living, Chains of Love, Street Party, Cool Cornucopia or some of the other tracks available.

My Working with Children Check Number is: WWC1479910E

Electric guitar in various styles:

Acoustic guitar in various styles:

Examples of bass playing:

Ukulele instrumentals:

Live with Renee Geyer and friends: or - listen to “Sitting here in limbo”.

Re: Brenton WHITE
Mosman NSW

I have five children, all of whom have had guitar lessons over the past two decades, with various teachers. Currently Brenton White is instructing my 12 y.o. daughter in electric bass and guitar. She has had two previous teachers.

Without a doubt, Brenton is the best instructor we have ever employed. He is a natural teacher, something which cannot be learned. His lessons are well planned and methodical and are executed with diligence and professionalism. My daughter’s progress, and her grasp of music in general, has been most impressive under his tutelage. The teaching material via White Noise Productions, of which Brenton is the principal and founder, is particularly helpful.

Brenton’s practical and academic command of music is beyond dispute. He is a widely respected performer and acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading screen composers.

I can recommend him as a music teacher without any hesitation whatsoever. I would be happy to amplify these remarks verbally if required.

Victor J Webster
FRCS, FRACS (ret. surgeon)
Balgowlah NSW
0408 494356

22 Awaba St
Mosman, NSW
(02) 9968 3820 or 0417 200 957


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