Brett Adrien

  • 20+ years of practice/study
  • 15+ years of music industry engagement
  • Professional private tuition since 2008
  • Certificate III Music Industry Training
  • B.Mus Composition & Music Production (pending)

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Hi, and welcome to my Music Teachers Online page!

My name is Brett, I have performed in countless ensembles spanning full symphony orchestras and big-bands to contemporary bands, experimental duos and solo performance. I have been playing as well as teaching bass for a long time, but I feel my discipline as a bassist stems from birth.

My first two years went by with being deaf, and my only experience of sound being what it simply is; vibrations. It was lows that I experienced most, I felt them! Having my three corrective operations between ages 2-6, the gift of hearing literally became music to my ears.

From there, at the age of 7, I pursued dancing. Jazz, Tap, followed by Classical Ballet. The practice of interpreting sounds and rhythm and using your body to project that expression gives a profound insight into understanding groove.

Roll all of this, a healthy artistic community in Newcastle, a performing arts school with industry veterans and a world of opportunity, and you get:
A very inspired, humbled and opportunistic bass player looking to make waves.

My music playing opportunities have led me to do just about everything I could have dreamed of; arranging, performing, recording, touring, publishing and everything else in-between and beyond. These are not just ticked boxes though, these are benchmarks that I strive for.

All the while, I wish to teach. To inspire. To pass on my experience and help others the best I can. What else are bass players good for?

Thanks for reading, and to aspiring students I'm looking very forward to meeting every single one of you,

Yours kindly,

  • B.A.

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