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Brian Zhang

General Details

My name is Brian Zhang, and I’m a musician that belongs to a small, but booming community and scene of “modern acoustic fingerstyle” guitarists all around the world. Essentially, modern fingerstyle guitar is the incorporation of extended and rather unorthodox playing techniques on the acoustic guitar including slapping, tapping, as well as hitting the body of the guitar to create different percussive sounds. All these techniques are blended in together to create all elements of a song (bass, melody, rhythm, drums) into the one solo arrangement. This allows me to approach playing the guitar and music holistically, allowing me to adapt and change to all types of genres, styles and situations whenever needed!

Since graduating high school in 2015, I’ve turned my attention to pursuing music full time and living the dream. Having spent the last three years meeting other musicians from around the world, I have seen what music can do for people from all walks of life.

Teaching guitar has quickly become a burning passion of mine over the last four years and for me, it is my way of giving back to the world of music and showing as many people as I can the beauty, that is music.

Regardless of what your level is whether you are an absolute beginner or virtuoso (well you wouldn’t need me if you were a virtuoso!), and your taste in music whether you listen to jazz, hard rock, metal, pop, electronic, dance, blues or country, each lesson will be specifically set out to your tastes, interests, ambitions, goals and ability. I teach all people of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced levels, so don’t think you need to be the next Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen or Tommy Emmanuel to pick up the guitar (unless if that’s what you’re aiming to achieve!)

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