Brillante Piano Company

  • Kelsey Anderaon A.Mus.A.G.M.
  • 5th Grade Theory AMEB

Your path to playing with BRILLIANCE!

Ever wanted to learn an instrument?
Piano can be learnt at any age and it’s NEVER too late to start!

Has your child expressed musical interest or ability?
At Brillante Piano Company, our lessons are catered to an individual’s specific learning techniques so that your child has the best opportunity to play with brilliance. The study of music is also known to help with studies in other areas also.

Does your child need help with school music studies?
The Brillante Piano Company does not just focus on the instrument, if it is the specific desire of the student, an in-depth knowledge of the workings of music theory can be explored.

Only want to brush up your skills or learn your favourite piece?
The Brillante Piano Company can offer stress-free, causal lessons for the recreational player or family performer...its your turn to bring the BRILLIANCE factor next Christmas by playing the everyone's favourite Christmas carols!

140 Farnows Road
Nanango, QLD
0414 605 012

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