Brisbane Drums Lessons with Grant Collins

  • Doctor of Music
  • B. Mus
  • DMA

Discover a modern hybrid model of learning drums with a combination of:

  • Personal one to one lessons,
  • Online classes and live workshops

All done by one of the world's leading drummers and educators based right here in Brisbane.

With a combination of teaching approaches, contact points and student involvement, this is a new wave in education that will engage students better and for longer.

This is a modern hybrid model of learning the drums.

Personal one to one lessons
Online courses
Practice workouts
Live monthly calls
Regular live ⿎ Drum Dojo sessions
Weekly check ins
Submit videos for review


This is your time!

If you’re just starting out, I will put you on a proven program to get you comfortable holding the sticks, learning correct grip and playing beats.

If you’ve been playing for a while, we will look at your goals to map out a program that will get you there.

If you have an audition or exam, we will focus on that to get you in the best possible position to ace it.

If you’re doing music as a subject at school and need help with assignments, we will work on that.

If you want to learn to breathe fire, sorry you’re in the wrong spot.

One on one lessons can be done in person at my Eagle Farm Studio or via a video lesson.

Eagle Farm, QLD


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Details last updated: February 25, 2024