Lute Lessons

Styles Medieval/Renaissance/Baroque
Skill Level All levels from beginner to professional.
Suitability Ages 10 years and up
Pricing $95 per hour (includes around 1/2 hr lesson preparation time).

The lute is a direct decendant of the Arabic oud and a not-too-distant relative of the modern guitar. It presents us with several differences such as its deep round back enclosing a hollow cavity. It is also much smaller with different numbers of strings or courses (double strings) depending on the model or period. It is played with a pick or fingers and utlises slightly different right hand technique to the classical guitar with the thumb sitting behind the fingers or ‘under’ rather than in front of or ‘over’ as in classical gutiar technique.

The lute is used in a great variety of instrumental music from the Medieval to the late Baroque eras and was the most important instrument for secular music in the Renaissance.

The repertoire from these periods is quite remarkable, in particular the great John Dowland (1563 – 1626), an English Renaissance composer, lutenist, and singer who is best known today for his melancholy songs. Lute music has many classical guitar transcriptions and with a slightly different tuning, this magnificent repertoire is playable on the modern classical guitar too.

Lesson Structure

Students are free to choose the instruments, songs, and styles of music that they wish to pursue. I believe is the best way to excel in music is being encouarged to follow ones musical passions. I aim to nurture those passions with the support of sound technique, theory, and well researched performance and compositional practices.

Lessons are individually tailored to meet the needs and goals of each student. This includes the hand transcribing of music that each student wishes to study.

I offer lessons on a weekly basis that are one hour in duration in order to faciliate these approaches . They usually involve half an hour of technical and theoretical work followed by half an hour of musical practice. This can be either playing or composing. Some students choose to see me for two hours a week to draw more benefit from both the technical and practical aspects mentioned, allowing an hour for each component. This, however, this is up to the individual in terms of time and cost.


I am known for my unlimited patience and dedicated persistence in seeing my students attain their goals.

Whilst being friendly and encouraging I also strive for excellence with each student, striving to push them to the best of their abilities.

I allow myself to be guided by the students’ unique musical journey rather than trying to steer them, however I can offer guidance when needed.

I understand that my students have different external pressures and recognise that practise outside of lessons can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible. I am happy to work with students who either practise a lot, little, or even not at all between lessons. The main thing is that my students should find their lives enriched by their involvement with music. Our approach, however, I believe should always be professional, no matter how much or little time we have, as the more we respect music, the greater the rewards.

Ages & Levels

I offer bass & guitar lessons for beginners as well as professional and experienced players that wish to improve and consolidate their musical skills and knowledge and teach all ages from around 10 years old and over.

Lesson Rates

My rates are charged at $95 per hour inc. GST which is slightly lower than the currently recommended rate by the Music Teachers’ Association of Australia.
An hour with me includes my preparation time which involves the transcription of music individually for each student and the sourcing and making available of materials needed for each students’ musical direction and development.

I aim to provide the highest quality in musical tuition with fine attention to detail in the areas of technique, theory, and practice. With over 40 years of experience and several qualifications and accolades under my belt, I believe my rates represent value for money.

(If my rates are unaffordable but you are very keen to learn from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if there is anything we can work out for you).

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Details last updated on November 16, 2018