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Bryan Kho

General Details

Music has been the one constant passion in my life, and a pursuit that has brought so much to me. It has brought me joy, comfort in difficult times, and helped me to grow socially from a shy young child into an adult.

My first formal piano lessons came at the age of 6. Being exposed to the language of music at a young age is one of the things I’m most grateful to my parents for.

Formally, my background is in education. I have worked with children from the preschool to primary school age for over a decade. While undertaking my studies at RMIT, I had the fortune of having my work published as a case study in the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) journal (you can read more about this project here). At the conclusion of the four year program I was also awarded the ASME prize for my contribution to music education.

My approach is to inspire musical growth by tapping into the individual learning styles and intelligence types of each student. While I believe all learning requires commitment, self-discipline and rigour, I also believe that there are multiple ways to engage and nurture those qualities. With this in mind, I keep an openness in my approach and continue to adjust as I get to know each student better.

A big part of my philosophy is to make learning less abstract. The biggest way to make it less abstract is to help individuals apply what they are learning to something meaningful. I do this by providing project-based learning and encouraging autonomy and initiative in each of my students. Whether this is realised in composing, self-organizing a little recital, or designing their own musical website, all depends on the individual. I believe this approach builds life skills that extend far beyond the field of music.

If you are interested in having a chat with me in person, don’t hesitate to book a free consult over tea or coffee.

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