Keesha Mclean did a fantastic job as Musical Director and Vocal Coach of the Marlin Coast Vocal Academy Showcase. I thoroughly recommend her as a professional teacher and mentor. It is always a thrill to help a student get on to the stage, and for many involved it was their first time on stage.
Watch out Cairns, there are many, many talented young people in this town!

Andy Mack - professional Guitarist and teacher, Cairns

- Andy Mack - professional Guitarist and teacher, Cairns

Keesha is a tremendously talented vocal coach. She is a true inspiration to all who work with her- I have a passion for singing that I never had until meeting Keesha. I found Keesha to be extremely helpful, both to myself specifically and with regards to voice and technique generally. Her knowledge and understanding of the subject is beyond compare. There is no faulting the efficiency and precision with which she works. I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am for having met Keesha and having her train me. I have gained a much stronger understanding of my voice and with this I have gained a place at a top drama school. I started singing lessons with Keesha at the tender age of 9, I am now 19 and am extremely upset that I will not be able be continue lessons with Keesha. I wish her all the best for the future and anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by Keesha, you are guaranteed to be inspired by not only her voice but her gift in teaching.

Charley Maclaren - PPA Academy Musical Theatre

- Charley Maclaren - PPA Academy Musical Theatre

You and Claire together have achieved something very special. . Claire, before she started her lessons with you, found it almost impossible to actually hear the melody and couldn't follow the rhythm..... You told her that you would help her "find her voice" and that is exactly what you did!

Claire can now sing and with feeling and with great enjoyment! She clearly loves her lessons and it has added something special to her life and has opened up another whole dimension to her world.

It will leave a great hole in her life when you leave but I am very grateful for what you have given Claire.

Ellen Sheridan for Claire Sheridan

- Ellen Sheriden

Keesha has taught me singing since I was thirteen when I had only just discovered my passion for Musical Theatre, since then I have chosen this as my career path currently studying at one of London’s most prestigious drama conservatoires – Guildford School of Acting, before which I went to Arts Educational for my ALevels. Without Keesha’s help there is no chance I would have the confidence to apply to such courses let alone get in. She is a fantastic teacher and a fabulous person who has really helped me not only as a performer but also, an individual. I am so sad to see such an inspirational teacher and friend leaving however I know she will inspire many more. I will miss you greatly."

Jessica Hern - Arts Ed and Guildford School of Acting ( Musical Theatre Degree Course )

- Jessica Hern - Arts Ed and Guildford School of Acting ( Musical Theatre Degree Course ) London, UK

have known Keesha for many years, and we co-directed three highly successful musical shows. The casts combined experienced performers with others who Keesha invited to join the show simply because she recognised that they had untapped talent and potential yet to be fully realised.

And that’s where I really noticed the exceptional skills that Keesha has to offer: the ability not just to make great performers better, but also to identify hidden ability in people who have never been given the opportunity to truly express themselves. What’s more, she is able to teach, encourage and motivate these individuals to perform beyond even their own expectations.

So Keesha offers a rare mix: an appreciation of music, an understanding of the human voice and amazing motivational skills. Time and again, I have seen her transform people both in terms of their singing ability and their self confidence. This includes children, young adults, older people, and adults with learning difficulties. Her energy and optimism is unbridled and infectious – I have yet to meet anyone who has been associated with Keesha who has not been inspired by her work.

Jonathan Constant - Director, Actor

- Jonathan Constant - Director, Actor

As it is now just a few weeks before you head back to your native Australia, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help, support and encouragement that you showed my children, Courteney and Freddie.
With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear that we presented you with a huge double-challenge: An awkward and reluctant pre-pubescent boy with an unpredictable voice on the verge of breaking; and a young music-loving girl with 80% hearing loss in one ear. And yet you met both challenges with your trademark passion and infectious enthusiasm.
The results speak for themselves. Thanks to you, Freddie has grown into a mature singer with excellent vocal control and the confidence to perform on stage and in public. And thanks to you Courteney overcame her disability to make it into music college to pursue her musical dreams and ambitions.
My wife and I came to you seeking a vocal coach. What we found was a vocal coach, music teacher, friend, supporter, mentor and inspiration.
While we wish you well in the next stage of your life’s adventure, my children will miss you terribly. You have been an important and irreplaceable part of their lives.

Mark Anthony - Fred Anthony Arts Ed and Courteney Anthony ACM ( Academy of Contemporary Music )

- Mark Anthony - Fred Anthony Arts Ed and Courteney Anthony ACM ( Academy of Contemporary Music )

My daughter has been taking singing lessons with Keesha for the last seven years since the age of 7. Her vocal ability and confidence as a performer has grown beyond all expectations under Keesha's guidance and tuition.

One of the many qualities Keesha possesses is her ability to recognise each pupils individual talent which she helps nurture and grow. This has become evident from the many Showcases Keesha works tirelessly to present. It is here you can see how all of her students have progressed as performers and vocalists.

My daughter started off performing in her junior showcases , which she loved as they also give students the opportunity to get to know each other and work together in the ensemble numbers .She recently performed in the senior showcase where many of the other parents commented on how well she performed and had advanced as a singer .
I would also again like to thank Keesha for her support and tuition when helping Courtney audition for a place on the musical theatre course at the prestigious BRIT school .My daughter was offered a place and starts September 2012.
Thank you so much Keesha for everything

Tracey Hammond – Courtney Hammond BRIT school

- Tracey Hammond - Courtney Hammond BRIT School ( Musical Theatre )

Keesha has been my singing coach for nearly 3 years and the amount of skills and confidence I have gained is amazing. I remember the first time I walked into her studio, I was this shy girl who couldn't sing infront of an audience.. Now, I have the confidence to express myself through music infront of hundreds of people. My vocal skills has improved so much and so has my confidence. Keesha has been the best vocal coach I have ever worked with, not only is she an incredible coach but she is also a friend to me and everyone. She gives all of her students an fantastic experience with her showcases she puts on each year and I have enjoyed every moment of it. She has been an absolute phenomenal teacher with both her teaching skills and vocally.

Jessica Lee - BRIT School ( Musical Theatre )

- Jessica Lee - BRIT School ( Musical Theatre )

I have been working with Keesha and Marlin Coast Vocal Academy for well over 12 months, having never worked with a vocal coach before Keesha I wasn't sure as to what to expect. I was happily surprised that it is less scary then it seems, Keesha makes you very comfortable in her space . She is amazing at what she does, my favorite thing being her passion for her students whether they be like myself simply singing for release and therapy or those that wish to pursue a career in music. She has inspired so much confidence in me and my voice, to sing beyond the confines of my car haha, and get up and perform in front of an audience something I never ever thought I would do. The technical side of singing has never been something I considered important, until I met Keesha , she is a nurturer through and through. She is passionate about developing opportunities for local vocal talent to showcase themselves to an audience something that I find incredibly inspiring, from the young to the older.

Keesha is one of the best people I have ever encountered in my life, and working with her has been one of the best decisions of my life.

- Katie Thakray - Cairns

I first met Keesha back in December last year when i went for my first vocal lesson. I was a longtime bedroom musician that had never played in front of people before, except for a few friends. I was looking to improve my vocal abilities with the view to maybe playing a few live gigs at some point in the distant future. Keesha made me feel very relaxed even though i was really nervous and the lesson was so much fun. Keesha had us make a deal that day that i would play at an open mic session before the end of January. I wasn't going to do it of course, it was only 6 weeks away, there was no way i was ready! I was going for lessons at the academy once a week and the more i went the more i enjoyed it and the more confidence i got.. Keesha is really supportive and has a great teaching style, you always feel a little bit better than you did after you come out of the lesson. So on the 30th of January (as late as i could possibly leave it!), with Keesha's words of support in my ears, i played my first live set of music at an open mic night. Fast forward to 8 months later, i've begun working as a musician, playing at some great venues all around Cairns, almost all of my jobs have come through Keesha and the academy. Keesha continues to support me by giving me lots of feedback on my new songs and also lending me equipment until i can afford my own. Never would i have thought i'd be in this position now, that day back in December and so much is because of Keesha and the work she does, it's been an absolute pleasure Keesha, thank you!

- Karl Edwards - Musican/Songwriter Cairns

My daughter Amelia started with Marlin Coast Vocal Academy nearly 2 years ago. During that time she has worked closely with Keesha, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Keesha has an amazing passion for teaching people of all ages. She inspires her students and gives them the tools and confidence needed to sing and perform. Keesha caters for each individual student by teaching the skills, finding the music and sourcing opportunities for them to perform in public.

A little over 6 months ago we moved to Brisbane. We have since taken up Skype lessons with Keesha because we couldn't possibly find anyone as passionate as her. Amelia has been cast to play Marta Von Trapp in the 2016 Brisbane Sound of Music. I couldn't thank Keesha enough. Without her, Amelia would not have had the skill level nor the confidence to even attend the auditions. Now she has a chance to follow her dreams and work with an amazing Australian cast. I would recommend Marlin Coast Vocal Academy to anyone who wants to learn to sing.

- Kristie Ayris

My daughter Lily-May has been seeing Keesha for weekly vocal coaching sessions for 12 months. Lily-May adores Keesha & cannot wait to see her each week! Keesha is very supportive & caring, but also challenges Lily-May who is gaining so much confidence & growing in strength vocally. Keesha is so passionate about her craft and this inspires Lily-May even more to work hard & achieve. I would highly recommend Marlin Coast Vocal Academy & I am forever grateful that Lily-May has the opportunity to work with Keesha.

- Melissa Pynaker

Dear Keesha,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of support and advice. From the first day I walked into your studio and I told you that I always wanted to sing but life and family always came first so my dreams and goals with singing has been pushed aside for the needs of others. You smiled and asked me to sing and from there my opportunities grew. Not only have you help strengthen my voice and breathing but build my confidence and how to network with other musicians and clients for potential gigs.
I have learnt a great deal from you and I know there has been some hard times and difficult comments from some individuals, but you make me see the lighter side of things and push forward even harder.
Marlin Coast Vocal Academy is not just any old vocal teaching, I have had opportunities in singing in band and currently working on a duo which has open so many doors and gigs in Cairns. 2 years have flown by and in that time I have accomplished more than I have ever imagine all with the guidance and support from Keesha and her amazing teaching.

Thank you again for the many long chats text message and catch up of support and friendship.

Darnelle Perucich
Lead singer of Jamfor2

- Darnelle Perucich - Jamfor2

Keesha, as a Cairns born girl, I've been delighted to see your academy and your students make such a huge difference to the cultural landscape of Cairns in such a short time. You've made singing more cool and more accessible here than it has ever been before. As a person hoping to set up my own music-based small business in the near future, I have learned a lot and been very inspired watching you get established here. Thanks and best wishes for a happy and wonderful year ahead.

- Sue Lehtonen - Musician

For the last two years I have been a part of the Marlin Coast Vocal Academy. I have met so many other students who share the same passion and we all continue to motivate each other. Keesha always goes above and beyond in encouraging us all to have technique and the confidence we need to achieve amazing things. I highly recommend the academy for anyone who loves music and performance!

- Emily Williams - Vocalist & Singer Songwriter

"It's wonderful to see Keesha make such a difference to so many people through what she does at Marlin Coast Vocal Academy. Her process to provide students with tuition and real life performance experiences is a sure winner. It's always a pleasure to support the activities of the Marlin Coast Vocal Academy and to see the continued progress of the students throughout each year."

- Shirley Lynn - Professional Singer Songwriter

I first found Keesha's services when googling for a "vocal coach" when I first moved to Cairns. After sending an initial brief email, Keesha called me at an agreed time to discuss what it was I was wanting to get from the training, and did so in an unhurried and genuinely interested manner. From there unfolded an hour per week over the next twelve months (roughly), and the difference has been astounding.

Prior to spending time with Keesha, I would consider that I was just a fairly ordinary karaoke tragic, however for some time Id felt that there was a greater reserve waiting to be tapped into, but wasn't quite sure how or what form that would take. Keesha became an obvious coach of choice given her extensive and varied background, which meant that I wouldn't be pigeon-holed into a particular genre or style of training. It wasn't long before I discovered that jazz and swing was my greatest singing passion, and from that point - with Keesha's guidance and input, my singing took off like a proverbial rocket.

Keesha's training style is warm, friendly, honest and doesn't belittle but moreover encourages and inspires. I feel genuinely very fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable coach in Cairns, and couldn't recommend Marlin Coast Vocal Academy enough to anyone wanting to either simply put a bit of "polish" on what they can already do well, or for a complete makeover or a raw beginner.

From where I started out to now - where I have since experienced singing with live bands, (including one jazz orchestra), plus time in various studio environments and with a number of small projects on the boil now plus more, I doubt I would have moved so far so quickly without Keesha's skillful guidance and support.

Despite having had to leave the district, I have since found that Skype sessions with Keesha are a much more practical option than I had first considered, and will keep in touch with her for "tune-ups" and assistance where required - as we never stop learning!

I cannot recommend Keesha and Marlin Coast Vocal Academy enough :)

Hamish Withington - Jazz vocalist, Melbourne

- Hamish Withington - Jazz Vocalist, Melbourne

If you are looking for an inspiring and dedicated vocal coach then you cant go past Marlin Coast Vocal Academy. The owner and teacher Keesha Mclean goes above and beyond in mentoring and inspiring her students.
My daughter Veronica Humphrey has been with Keesha now for 3 years and could not be happier.
The Cairns community is lucky to have her here.
Thanks again Keesha.

- Katrina Humphrey - Mother of Veronica Humphrey, Student

My 11 year old son commenced singing lessons with Marlin Coast Vocal Academy in 2015 under the expert guidance of Keesha McLean. These lessons have become the highlight of his week. Keesha established a positive learning environment where his singing is nurtured, expertly trained and successes positively reinforced. She has a special talent for bringing out the best in him and builds his confidence and self-esteem in the process. Keesha is extremely professional, inspirational and nurturing. We are so grateful to receive her expert training.

- Narelle Hunt, Cairns

If I could give Keesha 10 Stars I would!! After being diagnosed with a muscle tension voice disorder which forced my music career to a complete stop. I was desperate for answers and a solution. After trying absolutely everything, Keesha at 'Cairns Voice Studio' was my last resort.
Keesha has identified and helped bring to my attention the vocal deficiencies or bad habits in my self trained singing, while fostering and encouraging the positive aspects of my voice, tone and technique. Furthermore, Keesha is not one to change a singers style!
However Keesha is SO MUCH more than a singing teacher. Her personal and professional investment in each of her students is astonishing!
The commitment, mentorship and friendship I have gained in the short time I have been a student of Keesha's has been invaluable.
Her extensive international experience as a Vocal Coach and Mentor speaks for itself, and is unquestionably an upstanding member of the local community and music industry.

- Robert Cini - Award Winning Singer Songwriter

originally chose Keesha as a vocal coach because I’d seen her work in the community and knew she held high standards for students and production. So I became her student just as I had hoped, I found her to be a very trustworthy performance coach with high standards and the capacity to give direction and feedback about ALL aspects of staging and performance, not just the singing.

What I didn’t know until I became her student was just how much she cared about her students' progress. I also didn’t know that when I paid for a session with Keesha I would be getting much more support from her than I gained in the hour I spent in her studio. Over the 1-2 years I’ve watched Keesha create numerous opportunities for her students to progress their learning and development, as well as career. Then I had the opportunity to collaborate with Keesha for a project she produced and directed, and learned a whole lot more about how she works. Her sensitivity and understanding of the individual strengths, areas for improvement and planned career trajectory for each of the performers she worked with was remarkable. She knew each performer so well, that she was able to cast them to perform material that was perfect for their niche. The material was just right to bring out their absolute best but with enough challenge to enable each performer to rise and expand their performance skills. That level of insight and sensitivity can only come from someone who lives and breathes their work as Keesha does, who’s observing and thinking about her student’s long after they’ve left her studio.

I’ve also in the past 1-2 years observed Keesha’s own personal commitment to career development. I’ve seen her form partnerships with 3 Universities and travel regularly (including overseas) to attend voice related training; an investment which she then returns to Cairns and shares with her students. Whenever I’ve hit a issue with my progress she’s been able to explain the science of the voice issue I’m experiencing and give me specific exercises targeted for that issue. This makes for very time effective progress. She’s also been able to assist me with some voice related medical problems and referred me to a medical specialist when appropriate.

Finally there’s something about Keesha I just can’t put a price on. Keesha understands the incredibly sensitive instrument which our voice is, and the impact that fear and stress has on vocal tone, breath and performance. This deep understanding and sensitivity is apparent in the way she coaches and directs students. She has the capacity to honour my strengths and make me feel 100% comfortable truly expressing who I am through my voice performance. This absence of harmful “judgement” (especially about things like singing style, genre, performance style etc) opens up a space where true creativity can be expressed and real progress is made. This capacity coupled with high technical voice coaching skills makes Keesha the perfect choice as a coach, but she’s also a great career and performance coach, which is a bonus way beyond what I paid for or expect to get. Cairns is very fortunate to have her in the community.

- Annica Dee Williamson - Singer Songwriter

Keesha has coached my 15yo daughter, Maddie, for over 3 years. She is not only an exceptional coach but a wonderful mentor as well.
Maddie has grown considerably vocally and confidently through Keesha's wonderful support and encouragement.
Last year was a very tough year for Maddie, she found strength from her love & passion for singing in a safe, caring environment. I highly recommend Keesha to anyone looking for a professional vocal coach!

- Lisa Cooper

Keesha has been a fantastic vocal coach, mentor and friend to me over the last 3 years. She has supported me on both a personal and professional level and has helped me through my own struggles of fearing vulnerability and performance anxiety.
She will go above and beyond for her students and is a huge support for the local music scene.
I would recommend her to anyone with a passion for singing, be it on a causal level or as a professional vocalist/ artist. Thanks Keesha!!

- Mae Brooks - R&B Singer Songwriter

I actually don't have the words to describe my gratitude for this amazing woman. She has helped me through some challenging days as my vocal coach, allowing me to feel completely ok with being vulnerable and she has stood by me every step of the way. She goes above and beyond her obligations to her students and I know this first hand.

Keesha has supported me not only vocally, but in many other areas of my career. Amongst training my voice I create art, as a makeup artist, spfx artist and traditional artist - KEESHA SUPPORTS EVERYTHING I DO. From getting me gigs at the Reef Feast, market stalls & face painting to name a few.

The gratitude I have for this lady could never be condensed into words. I am so blessed to have you as a mentor, a strong empowered roll model and a friend. Thank you so much for all you do for me, and all the other artlings just like me! I can safely say we ALL love you SO much!

You are nothing short of a blessing! Thank you!

- Nalii Kreature - Professional Artist

Best mentor/vocal coach/friend anyone could ever ask for. Knowledge about music and ability to convey and teach others is unsurpassable! So thankful to have her wisdom and guidance in my life!

- Mia Peled Bolger- Singer Songwriter Griffith University

Keesha, as a Cairns born girl, I’ve been delighted to see your academy and your students make such a huge difference to the cultural landscape of Cairns in such a short time. You’ve made singing more cool and more accessible here than it has ever been before. As a person hoping to set up my own music-based small business in the near future, I have learned a lot and been very inspired watching you get established here. Thanks and best wishes for a happy and wonderful year ahead.

Sue Lehtonen, Musician, Cairns

- Sue Lehtonen - Musician and Songwriter