Caitlin McGovern

  • B.mus (Jazz voice)
  • Mteach (cont)

Caitlin is an experienced professional performer and songwriter with 10+ years teaching privately and Conservatorium trained in jazz vocal performance.

Available in the early afternoons for homeschoolers - choral and group lessons, as well as after school, she teaches in her home recording studio in Willoughby, NSW.

Caitlin likes teaching a wide variety of musical styles including pop, jazz, music theatre, and church music. She specializes in female vocal speech-level (contemporary) technique and ear training. She also teaches and encourages students to grow in improvisational piano and guitar accompaniment for singers and learn recording techniques and later, music production.

Lessons start at $30 per half hour and $60 per hour.

Willoughby, NSW
0424 028 224

Details last updated on March 15, 2019