Fun guitar lessons

Styles Rock, blues, fingerstyle, slide
Skill Level Beginner
Suitability Ages 17 years and up
Pricing $50 ph

There are a number of different approaches to learning the guitar. Mine is to have fun and it is suited for those for whom guitar is going to be an enjoyable hobby.

If you just want to accompany yourself or someone else singing your favourite tunes, you don't need to know in-depth music theory. You can always learn that later, but to get started we'll just focus on the basics, the most common chords and scales, and just enough theory to connect them together to play your favourite songs.

You'll be learning by playing, and getting straight into some songs and short riffs.

Optionally I can also teach you how to teach yourself, so you won't need to keep paying for lessons.

Highgate Hill, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0400 992 738

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Details last updated on January 11, 2021