Sutherland Shire Children's Choir

Group Size Groups of up to 30 participants
Styles The choir’s members are exposed to a wide range of musical genres including popular, musical theatre, classics, world music, folk, Australiana and humorous selections.
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 7 to 18 years
Pricing Tuition fees work out at $12 -$15 per rehearsal (depending on the choir level and length of rehearsal). The cost of the choir shirt and participation in performances is included. Sibling discounts apply.

Sutherland Shire Children’s Choir provides children and young adults from yr 1 to end of secondary school with quality choral instruction, lead by highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

There is a conductor and accompanist present at each rehearsal. The Sutherland Shire Children’s Choir programme is designed to develop each child’s natural singing voice. The choristers learn correct vocal technique and breathing. Renowned Kodaly methods are used to achieve aural and music reading skills. In an atmosphere of fun and encouragement, the singers gain the talent and confidence to perform. They develop self-esteem, confidence and social skills.


The choir’s members are exposed to a wide range of musical genres including popular, musical theatre, classics, world music, folk, Australiana and humorous selections.

Repertoire selected is quality music that is developmentally appropriate and enjoyable.


The Sutherland Shire Children’s Choir currently has 4 separate choirs, rehearsing weekly. Children are placed into the choir that we feel is most appropriate for their level of vocal, musical and personal maturity. It is our aim to make each child feel challenged but happy within their choral environment.

ALLEGRO CHOIR: Group of young singers ranging from yr 1 at school. With an emphasis on fun and quality repertoire, the Allegros make a beautiful sound for such young choristers. As they develop their confidence and love for singing in a disciplined and fun environment they are also learning the fundamentals of music literacy and aural perception.

TRAINING CHOIR: The self esteem of each singer is nurtured as they are encouraged to present their songs as enthusiastically and confidently as they can. Vocal technique, musical literacy and performance skills are further developed with an emphasis on part singing.

PERFORMING CHOIR: Provides an opportunity for committed and talented choristers to achieve an advanced level of choral and performance skills. The performing choir is a great way for children with a common interest in singing to join together in a vibrant, enjoyable and professional environment.

TEEN VOICES: A group for young men and women aged 13-18 yrs. Individual development is promoted in an enjoyable environment with an emphasis on control and development of the changing male voice while exploring the beauty, flexibility and expressive power of young female voices. The ensemble develops further the vocal and performance skills established in the Performing Choir.


All choristers take part in two major concerts (end of term 2 and term 4) and a CD recording in term 3. The Performing Choir & Teen Voices also experience performance opportunities at festivals and community events. Concert venues are located locally.

By performing with their level group as well as in the massed songs, choristers feel comfortable performing on stage even at a very young age and find the concert experience to be a lot of fun! Choristers experience significant growth in confidence due to the thrill of performing.


Prospective members are invited to attend a final audition. All students who are successful in the audition are invited to attend a free trial choir rehearsal.

Final auditions take approximately 10 minutes. The auditions take place in a non-intimidating, friendly and supportive environment. The conductor teaches some simple vocal activities and a short song. The children sing together in a group. This enables Cantabile Music to assess each child’s suitability for the choir and to group new members with children who are at a similar level of development. No individual singing is required and there is no need to prepare anything for the audition.

Parents are advised in writing of the outcome of the audition with information about how to enrol.

All students who are successful in the audition are invited to attend a free trial choir rehearsal. The session is fun and gives the child a real taste of the activities that we offer and an indication of what weekly rehearsals are like.

The audition and free trial rehearsal are informative for parents who are invited to watch. We ask for your understanding in regard to younger siblings who may be a distraction.


All current choristers are required to re-enrol at the end of each year.

A letter is sent to all parents at the end of the year. Choristers are offered a position in a specific level of the choir for the following year. The level offered is based on the teacher’s assessment of development over the choir year. Places are guaranteed until the enrolment deadline.


"He has gained self confidence and pride in his ability by his involvement with the choir. He has realised the joy that comes from singing and performing, by himself and in a group."
Michele - Mother of Sean

"Her voice has improved and with this, her confidence. She very much enjoys the fun and games."
Trisha - Great Grandma of Tameika

"It greatly helped develop the kids’ vocal skills, confidence in themselves and love of performing."
Voahangy - Mother of Anne and Marc

"The choir has helped my daughter to sing correctly and meet new friends with mutual enjoyment of singing."
Carmel - Mother of Zara

"My daughter has developed the joy of singing in a choir and has been exposed to a variety of music."
Michiyo - Mother of Claire

"In my daughter’s words: I have enjoyed everything! I have liked learning new songs and learning to sing better and enjoyed the games we play."
Sharon - Mother of Elissa

Engadine, NSW
Contact Natalie Claire Woodcock
0415 796 095

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