• IVA Certified Vocal Instructor

Carmel Mesiti has established herself as a dynamic presence in the Sydney music scene for the past twenty years. Carmel has cultivated her craft of singing with a passion for music, her dedication to professionalism and a willingness to apply all her zeal and energy to whatever project or association she works with. Indeed, these attributes have seen Carmel perform alongside some of Australia’s leading artists and performer’s like: Dami Im, Marcia Hines, Human Nature, David Campbell, Backing Vocalist for Christine Anu, Steve Balbi (Noiseworks), Doug Parkinson, Natalie Imbruglia, Jack Jones (Southern Sons), Courtney Act, John Rowe, William Forsythe, John Rowles, Stephen “Spud” Murphy, John Bowles, Angry Anderson, Eric Weideman (1927), Tamsin Carroll, Michael Cormick, Ric Herbert and Mark Williams.

Her television appearances and movie soundtracks are similarly impressive, The Voice, Australian Idol, Mornings with Kerry-Anne Kennerley, Midday with Ray Martin, In Sydney Today, John Mangos Show, Star Search and New Faces with Bert Newton, and “Thunderstruck the movie”. Carmel brought to these performances a certain glamour and star quality that was recognized and appreciated by audiences and peers alike.

Carmel has also established herself as one of Sydney’s most passionate and loyal vocal teachers, lending her abilities & experience to such institutions as Brent Street, The Australian Institute of Music, The Australian Performing Arts College, The Arts Dept and the Australian College of Entertainment. Past students have included, Delta Goodrem, Bianca Oecshle, Rebecca Cartwright, Chloe Zuel (Hairspray, Australian Idol).

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Belfield, NSW
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