Wunderkeys™ Piano for Preschoolers (Age 3-5)鋼琴啟蒙課程 (3-5歲)

Skill Level Beginner; Preschoolers
Suitability Ages 3 to 5 years
Pricing 73 per hour

#A head start in music, math, and life

An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child’s enjoyment of the piano. The WunderKeys™ Program has been designed to be that and more! WunderKeys™ lessons are tailored to meet the needs of preschool-aged children and to ensure that their first music lesson experience is positive and enjoyable.

Designed as an all-encompassing piano lesson, students participate in and are taught by licensed WunderKeys™ teacher five different unique activities during their lesson time, ensuring they remain focused, engaged and happy. Your child will develop piano and music skills that will allow for a smooth transition into mainstream piano method books. Beginners in this program start with no prior piano or music experience and finish with solid keyboard awareness, an understanding of rhythmic notation, and the ability to play simple pieces with both hands.

In addition, through this program, your child will get a head start on the math concepts they will be learning in Kindergarten. WunderKeys™ students finish the program with a solid understanding of patterning, sorting, grouping, classification, counting, number recognition, “more than/less than”, one-to-one correspondence and more. Not only will they be familiar with these important mathematical concepts, but their first experience with math will be one that is both enjoyable and approachable, in which they were made to feel successful.

For many students beginning the WunderKeys™ program, this is their first experience one-on-one with an adult other than their parents. It’s their first opportunity to be independent, to feel as though they have ownership over their own learning, and to feel pride in their individual accomplishments. The program is designed to foster feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of learning.

~~ If I knew music was this much fun I would have started when I was much, much younger.
(Student, 5 years old)

小寶寶第一次上音樂課的經歷,對往後的愉快學習極為重要,因此WunderKeys™ 的設計,完全體貼學前兒童獨有的成長需要,讓每位小寶寶都能夠愉快完成第一次音樂堂。

WunderKeys™ 鋼琴啟蒙課程由課程註冊導師親自教授,內容全面,小寶寶上課時都能夠專注、投入及快樂地,完成五項獨特訓練活動,奠下重要的鋼琴及音樂基礎,順利過渡到主流鋼琴教案。即使完全沒有學習過音樂或鋼琴的初學者,在完成WunderKeys™ 後都能夠掌握鍵盤概念和節奏,並能雙手演奏出簡單樂曲。

除了音樂上得到啟蒙,WunderKeys™ 同時讓小寶寶在入讀幼兒園前,便得到最根本的數學概念,學習並運用到型式、篩選、分類、歸納、計算、識別數字、多少、個別對應關係等技巧,小寶寶不單在淺白的學習過程中,吸收到這些重要的數學概念,亦同時得到成功感。

大部份學習WunderKeys™ 的小寶寶都是第一次和爸爸媽媽以外的成年人獨處,WunderKeys™ 鋼琴啟蒙課程幫助小寶寶建立學習的主導權,小寶寶都會為每一次獨立完成的任務感到自豪,從而讓小寶寶喜愛上學習,並培育出自信心和自尊。


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