Piano Lessons (Simply Music Method)

Styles Contemporary, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Accompaniment, Arrangements
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 5 to 100 years
Pricing $35.00

Free Introductory Lesson

Sometimes passions and skills start from humble beginnings. When, at the age of 10, my mother asked if I would like to learn an instrument as a hobby, I indulged her with the first instrument that came to mind. The piano became my foundation in going on to play trombone, recorder, Irish whistle, Irish flute and a little guitar.

The Simply Music method of learning uniquely focuses on expression through music with a broad foundational repertoire, which includes contemporary, classical, blues, jazz, accompaniments and more. Using the premise that we learn to speak long before we learn to read, so too, this method will see you as a proficient player before you begin to read. Indeed… you will be playing an entire piece with both hands often in the first lesson. For those already with playing experience, you will learn new ways of learning and broaden your approach and range of musical expression.

In such a personal journey, relationships are paramount. I work towards creating a safe environment where we can create a relationship that is respectful, non-judgmental, warm and enjoyable. It is a relationship that promotes mutual enjoyment and learning. I am fascinated by what I learn from all my students and enjoy finding new ways of adapting to meet individual pace and learning styles. I take great pleasure in watching skills develop, confidence grow and seeing the delight on faces as they let themselves get lost in their musical expression.

Provided Upon Enquiry
Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC
0418 120 205

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