Bowen Therapy & the LifeLine Technique (like kinesiology)

Group Size Groups of up to 6 participants
Styles Physical pain / emotional pain, fear/stress/sabotage, loss of confidence/focus
Skill Level All
Pricing concession available, group work and one on one sessions available for both modalities. Contact me.

THE LIFELINE TECHNIQUE ~ assists with sabotaging (subconscious behaviours). Our subconscious mind is 95% of what we do, it can only 'react', our conscious mind can make a 'choice' although its a mere... 5%. We get triggered by what we see/hear & smell. Many incidents from childhood hold us back, we sabotage our potential by not feeling 'worthy' or 'good enough'. I can do individual or group sessions, with band members/friends/partner/boss ... You can pick the subject matter (intention) you'd like to work on, ie. public speaking/confidence/focus etc. You set a powerful "I AM" intention. The sessions are content free - meaning you don't have to go into past stressors/trauma. I access the subconscious mind via the body for an accurate reading.

(More info. on my website).

If you'd like a taster ~ I'm offering a special small group price (1.5 hour session). If you share with 2 other people its $40 each person OR 4 or more people $25 each...

BOWEN THERAPY ~ Live a physical and mentally balanced life.

Bowtech, is a gentle form of body work where subtle moves are performed over the muscles and connective tissue sending messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred relaxed, balanced way of wellbeing. Results can be remarkable, even from the first session; often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem.

Whether your body or life is speaking to you with a physical illness (postural problem), or emotional upset every symptom represents emotional experiences buried within the subconscious mind which manifest in the physical body as symptoms, disease, pain and emotional upset.

Bowen Technique is very gentle and is considered appropriate for anyone. Bowen treats the body as a whole.

Bowen can assist recover from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness, neck/back pain etc.

Infinite Love & Gratitude, Carolyn :)

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