Casey Nash

  • Bachelor of Music (Popular Music and Creative Technologies)

Hi, I'm Casey! I'm a vocal coach with over five years experience teaching kids, teens and adults to sing.

I turn music lovers into incredible singers at Southern Voice Studio, the studio I own in Woodcroft, SA. By teaching all the necessary vocal techniques in a step-by-step pathway, I work with beginner singers to improve their knowledge and their singing voice.

I also work with students on exam preparation, specialising in Rock School Vocals, and help students develop a repertoire of songs which they can use for performances whenever they might arise.

Of course, no one is forced to perform anything! Singing just for fun or for personal development can be just as rewarding as singing for exams, SACE or general performance.

I offer a Free Introductory Lesson to every new student, so if you're interested in learning to sing come along and see what it's all about.

Shop 1
10-12 Sherebrooke Blvd
Woodcroft, SA
0490 790 163


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