HSC Preparation Lessons for 2019

Styles HSC Exams, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre etc.
Skill Level Intermediate-Advanced
Suitability Ages 16 to 19 years
Pricing $70 per hour.

Are you a singer and studying Music 1 or Music 2 for your HSC?

Are you looking for help to get that Band 5 or 6 for your prac exams?

Whether you're in year 12 and looking for a mentor for your HSC prac exams, or in year 11 and really prepared Cassie can help you out.

During your lessons together you can:

  • Pick songs that meet all the guidelines of the HSC marking scheme.
  • Develop Vocal Technique that help your song choices and your voice in general.
  • Learn about Vocal Health and how to look after your voice during HSC and beyond.
  • Organise professional ensembles to back you during your HSC Trials and Final Prac Exams.
  • For Music 1 students, Cassie can help with the theory aspect of your exams for year 11 and 12.
  • Feel organised and over prepared for your prac exams, not overwhelmed and stressed.

These intensive lessons ideas came from Cassie teaching vocal lessons to students studying their HSC, but struggling to feel prepared due to other factors that thought they couldn't control. This meant she saw them miss out on their potential. Cassie is now determined to help HSC students who deserve the top bands, get what their talent and determination deserves.

Valley Heights, NSW
0406 610 680
Blue Mountains, NSW

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Details last updated on September 4, 2018