Catherine Hughes

  • AMusA (AMEB)
  • Dip. Violin Performance (ABRSM)

Specialising in teaching beginners, I am a passionate violin teacher (and Mum) who loves to help kids learn in a fun and enjoyable way!


In a nutshell, I believe...

  1. Playing violin as a child can enhance other areas of learning
  2. Fun is an essential part of learning - as is hard work!
  3. Anybody can learn to be musical
  4. Children benefit immensely from developing a skill they can be proud of
  5. Children need to be set up well on their instrument (with good posture & habits)


  • 30 years experience playing violin and 15 years experience teaching.
  • Diploma of Music Performance (ABRSM)
  • Associate of Music (AMEB)
  • Training in Suzuki & AMEB
  • AUSTA member
  • Working With Children Check


Developing a strong "musical ear" is an important part of learning any instrument, and I love to incorporate fun games and exercises in my teaching to ensure students develop excellent aural music skills. This will give them a musical foundation for life.

As a Mum and teacher, I know the importance of creating joy when learning, and I really believe violin lessons must be fun... because that's when they work the hardest!

To find out more, send me and email and I will send you a copy of my student information sheet.

Caversham, WA
0421 483 391


Details last updated on March 30, 2022