Simply Music Piano Lessons

Styles Classical, Contemporary, Blues, Accompaniment, Jazz, Gospel
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, experienced
Suitability Ages 7 to 99 years

Simply Music is a revolutionary Australian piano method which is fast and easy to understand.

How are Simply Music Piano Lessons Different?

"Play Piano First, then Learn to Read Music!"

In traditional piano programs, beginning students learn to read music in order to learn to play the piano. This is like asking a child to read before it can talk! So, just as a child learns to talk before learning to read, write and spell, Simply Music students learn to play the piano before learning to read music.

In this way they are free to connect directly with the piano and the song they are playing. They are quickly able to learn to play lots of wonderful music from many different musical styles. Simply Music achieves this by teaching unique "Playing Based" ideas which are demonstrated directly at the keyboard.

Students begin learning to read music after about 12 months of lessons, when they can play about 30 piano pieces with joy and confidence.

In other words, by temporarily delaying learning to read music, Simply Music students get to feel the joy and satisfaction that comes from quickly learning how to play a huge repertoire of great sounding music.

Who can benefit?

Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors
Total Beginners
Students with prior experience
People with special needs.
People who think they are not musical!

129 Tranmere Rd
Howrah, TAS
0439 554 606 or 0439 554 606

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