Cello Dreaming Louise King teacher PD training and mentoring

Styles Teacher Training, Improvisation
Skill Level Advanced
Pricing Individual teacher mentoring $90, groups start at $15 per session, PD workshops $35

Louise King understands why self-development and professional training is so important. If you teach, you need to feel inspired and equipped with the many challenges you and your students face. This workshop will help you to design string lessons that inspire you and your students, help you to create an action plan for your teaching year, and provide teachers with guidance and new ideas and inspiration.

Young Conservatorium Qcgu
140 Gret St South Bank
South Bank, QLD
0415 128 799 or (07) 5445 9171
Teaching Studio
7 Corlis Avenue
Eudlo, QLD
(07) 5445 9171 or 0415 128 799
Noosa Pengari Steiner School
Doonan, QLD
0415 128 799 or (07) 5445 9171

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Details last updated on January 30, 2018