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Charles McCarthy

General Details

Skype lessons from former head of strings at Perth College, Charlie McCarthy who has run a thriving string department since 2007 teaching all ages of student.
Many students search for someone who teaches via Skype because they:
• Live in a remote location
• Have outgrown the local teachers or have had bad experiences with local teachers and need a new perspective, but don’t want to drive hours each way for a lesson with someone in person
• Travel frequently and want to “take their teacher with them”
• Are adults and can’t find anyone who caters to them in their area
• Want to master new techniques, explore interpretation, improvisation, and new styles, but don’t know where to focus
• Are busy in general and want the ease of taking lessons at home whenever it suits them

Charlie is an accomplished classically trained musician and also has a vast knowledge of alternative fiddling styles such as bluegrass, jazz, Celtic traditional and folk. He regularly tours the country playing at festivals and you can see him perform regularly at the Fairbridge Folk Festival, Perth International Jazz Festival, The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth International Arts Festival, shows at the Quarry Amphitheatre and a multitude of other venues in and around Western Australia.
A few years ago, one of his students could not make it to a lesson due to a car breakdown so he suggested doing it over Skype, as the student has an important audition coming up and really needed to be prepared. After the initial few minutes it took to find each other online, the rest of the lesson flowed on as if they were both in the same room. Then the word spread, more students who live over 45 mins drive away now opted for a Skype lesson every second week and they used their recovered transport time for dedicated violin practice time. Some of his older students travel quite a lot and can now take a lesson when they are out of town on their laptop/tablet (or even a good smart-phone) and most useful of all a student may choose to take a lesson by Skype rather than miss it altogether due to unforeseen circumstances. More than 80% of Charlie’s students now all learn online and love the supplemental material Charlie emails them every week (recordings to play along with, resource material, pre-recorded videos and playlists to review and more).
Charlie has a natural love and joy for the violin and musical pedagogy. Recently nominated for the Golden Fiddle Awards, Charlie is available to teach Skype violin lessons from beginner’s right through to seasoned professionals.
More and more highly skilled teachers are realising that their knowledge is not confined to students who study with them in the same city or country and now both students and parents are beginning to realise the advantages of taking violin lessons via the internet.
Online lessons range from 30/45 and 60 min duration weekly, this will depend on your ability level. Most students like to initially have a 30 min lesson weekly. Convenient times are available (such as evenings and weekends for adults and even before school for high-school students) timing can depend on your time zone.

What do I need?
A violin ;)
A computer/tablet with a webcam and an internet connection.
Skype (free download).
You can also get external speakers for your device if you like, these will give you better quality than the built in ones.

How much does it cost?
Lessons are $30 for half an hour and $60 for a full hour.

Some immediate benefits:

• Learn from the comfort of your own home or office
• Learn with a specialist teacher
• Saves you time
• Learn from anywhere
• Ideal for remote locations where specialist teaching is not available.
• Same as an in studio lesson
• Record your lessons
• Rehearse straight away what you have just learnt

How do you start?
Send me an email at Please let me know your instrument and style (violin/viola/fiddle), location/timezone (for scheduling feasibility), and background on the instrument. If lessons seem like a viable option for you or your child then we’ll start by setting up a complimentary consultation to meet and check our Skype connection and I can tell you a little more about what I can offer.

These details were last updated on February 16, 2018