Styles Classical, Contemporary, Pop music, Modern
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 6 to 96 years

We encourage our piano students (as well as piano students who study elsewhere) to be part of our Keyboard Orchestra, to make music pieces of all styles sound just like a professional band/orchestra! This is a memorable experience, to discover that every individual can be part of a whole and cooperation can make music come alive.
Other advantages:

  • Students are motivated to practise, in order to keep up with their peers.
  • Piano-playing is now a less lonely experience.
  • Now that all piano-players can also be part of an ensemble/orchestra/band, there is no need to eye violinist/saxophonist/guitarist/whatever friends jealously anymore!

All students have the opportunity to play their favourite music!

We are passionate about music, and have over 30 years' teaching experience.

Apart from our keyboard orchestra, we also offer
For children:
(a) Fun small-group classes for beginners or near-beginners
(b) Limited individual lessons for more advanced students and some beginners,
(c) Lively music enrichment classes and popular school holiday programs.
Kids enjoy themselves immensely and positive results are seen quickly.

For adults:
Share your music interest with others and enjoy playing and/or singing your favourites in a relaxed sociable environment.

Classes are offered in: Piano, Keyboard, Combined Piano and Singing, Music Theory, Sight reading, Aural Training and General Knowledge.

Medical research has shown that music contributes to the positive development and sustenance of the human brain (improved memory and concentration, excellence in math and language skills) and physiological well-being.

We have a unique, successful music curriculum that addresses this. Our Music Director, Dr Yvonne Ho, AAGM, MBBS, FRANZCR, FAANMS, is a music educator as well as a medical specialist. This is what differentiates us from other music schools in the country and, possibly, in the world. Our teachers are leaders in their field, respected musicians and educators.

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Details last updated on July 6, 2018