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Chelsea Elvery

General Details

I started learning music at a young age. I remember scouring through my music teacher’s shelves, keen to absorb as much music as I possibly could. I was hooked from day one!

I was fortunate to learn multiple instruments and was exposed to many different opportunities and learning styles. I believe that through my experiences and my continual drive to better my musicianship, I am able to provide fun and flexible learning for others. Catering to the exact needs of the student is a top priority.

Students will learn how to:
-Perform a wide range of songs
-Explore creativity through different techniques/exercises
-Be exposed to various performance opportunities throughout the year
-Understand music theory and apply it to musical performance, and
-Have fun playing music!

Music is a life-long experience that can be so enriching for all people. I encourage all students to embrace their own creativity and can facilitate different avenues of learning.

These details were last updated on February 22, 2018