• Bachelor of Music
  • VCE Music Performance
  • AMEB Grade 5 Theory
  • AMEB Grade 8 Piano

In my studio, I aim to teach all students to become well-rounded musicians.
But music is not music without fun! Your goals and aspirations are priority to me, and each lesson is catered specifically for you to meet your goals.

I have experience teaching music in several aspects, and can outline my experience in detail below.

Music Theory - I teach AMEB Grades 1-4, have taught in classes of 2-5, with ages ranging from 6-16 years.

Mass Choir - I have previously taught 200 students for two years at high school to sing a song together with simple harmonies and choreography, splitting them up into different voice types and allowing their voices to shine and blend together for a school annual performance.

Small Group - I have also taught, for two years at high school, a smaller group of more experienced singers complex songs and harmonies, also for my school annual performance.

Conducting - I have also conducted at my House orchestra for the same school annual performance.

Performance - I have performed various times throughout my high school and primary school years, with voice, guitar, piano, flute, violin, acting, etc.

Details last updated on November 16, 2021