Guzheng (Chinese Harp) Lessons

Styles Chinese Music
Skill Level All level

The Zheng, commonly known as GuZheng, is a plucked string instrument that is part of the zither family. It is one of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments according to the documents written in the Qin dynasty (before 206 BC). Zheng is the forerunner of Japanese koto, Korean kayagum, Mongolian yatag, and Vietnamese dan tranh. Due to its long history, the zheng has been called GuZheng or Gu-Zheng where "Gu" stands for "ancient" in Chinese. The GuZheng has been a popular instrument since ancient times and is considered as one of the main chamber as well as solo instruments of Chinese traditional music. Since the mid-19th century, GuZheng solo repertoire has been growing and evolving towards an increasing technical complexity.

Based in Sydney, professional Chinese music teachers, with over 20 years of experience, teach children and adults GuZheng (zither or Chinese harp) and Erhu (Chinese violin).

Since 1995 we have provided music for functions throughout Sydney. We cater for all private functions as well as small, medium & large corporate functions. Events include weddings, cocktail parties, dinner parties, award ceremonies, conferences, birthday parties, product launches, trade shows, restaurants, office parties, Christmas parties and New Year's Eve parties.

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