Vocal Jazz musicianship - theory, ear training, improvisation, voice lessons

Styles Jazz
Skill Level Beginner - advanced
Suitability Ages 16 to 85 years
Pricing $80-$100 private lessons/ Workshops $40-$50 per person

Chris McNulty's recently published vocal education book "Vocalist As Complete Musician - VCM" has been specifically designed for vocalists. Chris' method utilizes tetrachords as a devise for integrating theory, ear training and improvisation. Working through the method will also benefit instrumentalists. Singers (or instrumentalists) who want to learn more about becoming more complete jazz musicians, who are planning on entering a rigorous music degree program or currently attending one, will gain enormous benefit from working though VCM. For teachers VCM offers a unique learning tool. Students and professionals alike will be singing a myriad of scale and chord shapes on call. VCM offers a range of other benefits including improved listening and hearing skills, a more developed, deeper understanding of harmony, producing more successful outcomes either when used as a college preparatory aid or throughout a study program, more accuracy in pitch as well as enhanced composing and arranging skills. VCM provides students of vocal jazz (and instrumentalists) with powerful empowerment tools that lead to more confidence, freedom and independence.

World renowned jazz educator and scat icon Bob Stoloff has this to say about Chris’ VCM -
"Wow, this book is fantastic! It's like taking a core music course that has everything you need to become a well rounded, versatile musician. The design and intent are both excellent. Chris has
done a terrific job of integrating the essentials of theory, ear training, harmony, composition, arranging and improvisation in one comprehensive text. Her visual-aural teaching approach is not only learner-friendly but is presented in a way that encourages confidence, independence and empowerment.”
Bob Stoloff - Former Associate Professor at Berklee College

Chris is available to teach one on one lessons in her studio or VCM-the-workshop can be presenting in 1.5 - 3 hour sessions at institutions. A VCM workshop requires projector screen or smart board and piano/keys. For more information please visit: www.chriscnulty.com/vcm-the-book

St Kilda East, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0435 716 208

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Details last updated on August 22, 2018